Ever dream about waking up one day to own millions? Well guess what, it really does happen!

The rich come in all kinds. Some work their way up the ladder and some are born that way. While all of us wish we get there someday, what would happen if you wake up one fine day to realize that you’ve inherited a fortune?


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Ever dream about waking up one day to own millions? Well guess what, it really does happen!

We have all daydreamed about buying that one ticket that is going to be the one and about what that money will be spent on, to have more money than could ever be spent in one lifetime. Sadly, this is not reality for everyone, except for a fortunate few. Surprise inheritances are not all too common these days, but here are four crazy inheritance stories that left unsuspecting people richer than their wildest dreams.

  • Waitress inherits $500,000 from a customer -
Waitress inherits $500,000 from a customer

Cara Woods, 17, worked as a waitress in her hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio in 1992 where she struck a friendship with a regular customer named Bill Cruxton. Bill was widowed and Cara lost her father during childhood, giving common grounds for their friendship. Cara used to run errands for Bill and help him with his household chores. When Bill Cruxton died at 82 of heart failure, he kept a picture of Cara Woods in her soccer uniform at the hospital with him. Caring for Cara like a daughter he never had, he named her the main beneficiary, leaving her his house, two cars and $500,000. Cara invested wisely and the interest supported her through college, where she studied marketing and finance.

  • Estranged grandfather leaves teenager an island with buried treasure -  

Estranged grandfather leaves teenager an island with buried treasureThe grandfather, Samuel, was not approving of his daughter’s choice of a husband, but carried a soft spot for his grandson, Josh.  The teenager had only met his grandfather sparingly, but ended up inheriting a fortune with the passing of his grandfather, including 80 acres of farmland and a 36-acre private island! Apparently, the grandfather also spoke of some valuable antique jewellery and loose gems, which he hid “in the thermos.” However, the true fiscal value of Josh’s inheritance is still to be ascertained.

  • Homeless man flees police bringing word of his $6 million inheritance - 

Homeless man flees police bringing word of his $6 million inheritance Tomas Martinez, 67, was approached by police officers bearing good news for him when was living on the streets in Santa Cruz de le Sierra, Bolivia. Tomas’ impression was that the police were there to arrest him for his drug/alcohol issues, but it was actually regarding the $6 million fortune his ex-wife who he abandoned years ago had left him. Tomas Martinez fled without hearing what they had to say and is yet to be found.

    the woman with the most kids
  • Charles Vance Millar’s fortune goes to “the woman with the most kids” -  

Successful Canadian lawyer and businessman, Charles Vance Millar, was one who loved playing a good prank on people consumed with greed. Millar had no dependents at the time of his passing, and his last will and testament was riddled with unconventional desires for the distribution of his wealth. The instructions that attracted the most fame of his will was the requisite that part of his estate be converted to currency ten years after his passing and handed to the woman that gave birth to the most children in that time. The following competition came to be called ‘The Great Stork Derby.’ Various lawsuits tried to discredit the will, but it remained unfazed and four women with nine children each ended up dividing the $750,000.

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