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Social networking sites have become part of our day to day life, it is dominating the web now. My questing is how often you update your status? How often you re tweet? How often you watch videos? And many more
Ya I know the answers “Many Times”, and you do this for enjoyment and to spread your words or like ways, but there are several sites which I came across that gives you money for these updates…….
First of all let me tell you if you need thousands of dollars in little time then I am sorry to disappoint but this post is not for you… 

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So for those who are somewhat serious about making money and have patience can earn from this
 (I will update this lists as soon as I get more information)

So couple of days ago I came across a site which is generally used for advertising your website, your Facebook page, increasing twitter/Facebook/stumble upon etc. Followers and more such use. The site has an option of payout and I thought generally such sites takes money for such points and etc.  But on this site you get points for your social networking (Sharing, liking etc.) and the points can be converted in to USD. 

YES, that’s why you are reading this.

So there are several steps you need to follow for getting points into your account(Its not tricky but just for information sake)

  1.      Sign UP for Free

·         Go to this site, http://goo.gl/zVHfRb
·         Create an account (Of course it’s free to sign up) or you can use your Facebook/twitter/Google plus account for signing up too.
·        Then you will get some free points at start and if you think that I am not telling truth just go to the option PAYOUT and check by yourself.

                        2.       How to get free points

This is not at all tricky, Just go to left slider choose from 30+ options (Some of them are as in the image)

Have patience, of course it is not giving you 1000s of dollars. But getting some even can be helpful.

If you have any question regarding this contact me.

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