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Learn how celebrities survived with strong will and dedication 

Cancer does not choose when attacking. Depending on the type of cancer, it has a number of features that do not discriminate on the basis of the social position of the person who has it. Many of the celebrities we know from movies or television have also suffered this disease. Few years ago, it was fatal in a high percentage, but fortunately, the chances of survival are greater nowadays. Here, you can see 10 famous persons who beat cancer.

1. Angelina Jolie - Angelina Jolie was operated to prevent cancer. The famous Hollywood diva underwent a double mastectomy (removal of the breast) when she had recovered that the chance of developing breast cancer was 87%. Her mother died of the disease at age 56, after 10 years of fighting against cancer. After the operation, the chances of getting breast cancer have fallen to 5%.

2. Robert de Niro - In 2003, the famous actor was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 60 years of age. However, he was more optimistic than doctors were. The cancer was detected at an early stage and after being subjected to a radical prostatectomy (the most efficient in fighting against illness), the recovery was very quick, and after some time, the doctors said that De Niro was completely healed. The actor did not let the disease to destroy his creative plans and he began shooting the film "Hide and Seek" almost immediately after treatment. Since then he has shot more than twenty films.

3. Kylie Minogue - She also overcome cancer. The famous Australian singer was touring Europe when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at age 36. The tour was immediately suspended and she underwent surgery and chemotherapy. In a gesture of support, fans who had bought tickets for her concert in Australia decided not to recover the money, after the announcement of the disease. "When the doctor told me the diagnosis, I collapsed and looked like I was already dead," said the singer. However, Kylie Minogue found the strength to fight the disease. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor and took the treatment of chemotherapy. Fortunately, the disease has disappeared, and since then, the singer and actress has organized campaigns to educate women in the diagnosis and management of cancer.

4. Anastacia - The famous American singer knows what having cancer means. She had it twice. The first occurred in 2003 when the singer was 34 years old. "I've never been that scared," she said on the day when she was told she had breast cancer. Anastacia was operated and she was apparently cured, but in early 2013 he was diagnosed with cancer again. She had a rigorous medical treatment and six months later reappeared. "Never let the cancer to beat you, fight to the end" - said the singer to all those who also face this terrible disease.

5. Hugh Jackman - In November 2013, he was diagnosed with skin cancer. All the time, he communicated with his fans through the social network Instagram. The cancer he had is a result of overexposure to the sun and is the most common in humans. It was a basal cell carcinoma on his nose. The actor regretted not using sunscreen, something that would have avoided getting this disease.

6. Michael Douglas - US actor Michael Douglas was diagnosed in 2010 with cancer of the tongue. The doctor said that due to tongue cancer, he had to undergo surgery and probably lose part of the jaw and tongue. But he succeed and won the battle against the disease without losing any part of the body.

7. Michael Hall - The American actor, known worldwide for the TV series "Dexter" was also diagnosed with cancer. In January 2010, a representative of the actor confirmed that he was in medical treatment for malignant lymph called Hodgkin's disease. Medical treatment worked and he was completely healed.

8. Rod Stewart - The British singer was operated in July 2000 because of cancer of the thyroid gland. A few months later, in January 2001, it was said that he was completely cured.

9. Cynthia Nixon - The actress who played Miranda in the television series "Sex and the City", was detected with breast cancer in 2000, but she overcame it. She later starred in the play by Margaret Edson "Wit" playing a cancer patient. For this role, the actress shaved her head.

10. Lance Armstrong - The seven-time winner of Tour de France, a living legend, was also a victim of cancer. Lance suffered testicular cancer with multiple metastases. Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. However, the athlete did not give up and he underwent a risky treatment with harmful side effects. He had very little chance of survival, but he succeeded. The rider founded the "Lance Armstrong Foundation" to help cancer patients and decided to promote the fight against this disease.

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