Everyday things that will terrify you

Normal everyday things that we take for granted that will terrify you


Life is dangerous and crazy enough as it is, and the last thing that you need is to hear that dangers lurk around every corner, even in the most common of places. Following is a list of some normal everyday things that could be potentially hazardous to your well being.


  • Food
Peanut Butter It is speculated that a pound of peanut butter contains around 150 bug parts and approximately 5 rat or mouse hairs. While the omega-6: omega-3 ratio in grain-fed beef is up to five time higher than in grass-fed beef which promotes inflammation, heart decease, cancer and other degenerative deceases. Add to this the fact that toothpick injure around 9 000 people per year and that it is one of the most choked on items in the entire USA. 
  • Work
Work Next time you sit down at your desk think about the fact that the average desk has 400 times more germs and bacteria than a public toilet. In Russia, a hundred workers are killed every year by falling icicles on their way to or back from work. No problem, you will just take the subway.  Think again, fifteen percent of the air that you breathe in a metro train station is human skin. Think about this fact the next time there is a thunder or electrical storm in your area. Once lightning enters a building, it may run through the electrical system, phone lines, plumbing, and even TV and radio antennas and cables. Thinking about getting a job at your local McDonalds or KFC? In the year 1998, more employees working for fast-food companies were killed during robberies on the job than law enforcement officers. That’s 4 – 5 employees per month. Have a high-powered position in a sky rise? 27 people are killed annually due to elevator accidents.

  • Home
House FireLighting candles might be romantic and set the mood for a wonderful evening, but just be careful as 15 000 house fires are started by lit candles yearly. Need another fact to ruin a romantic evening?   1,700 men and women are rushed to the emergency room every year for penile or other genital injuries due zippers.  Thinking of rather taking a bath and then hitting the hay?  In the USA alone more than 600 people are killed when they fall off their own beds and approximately 340 people drown in the tub!  Even watching TV is not safe…watching more than two hours daily shortens your life by more than a year.  Watching more than that by as much as five years! 
  • Recreation
Golf ClubGolf clubs are extremely dangerous! Except for the obvious rule to never enjoy a game of gold during a thunder storm, losing your cool during the game could cost you your life.  Thus far, three fatalities have been reported after golfers threw or smashed their clubs in anger, only for the club to retaliate. Six thousand US Citizens are killed every year due to texting while driving, this number is even higher in other countries like South Africa. Texting while driving is a big no-no, but if you still can’t resist the urge to text while you drive, remember one thing: 16% of cell phones have excrement on them.
  •  Animals
Swans Swans are magnificent creatures. Graceful, majestic and downright deadly. When they feel threatened, they can attack humans, kill dogs and capsize boats. Bats are not the only vampires in the animal kingdom, some butterflies have been reported to suck blood as well. Taking a swim in South America could become a painful mistake. Small parasitic fish called Candiru have been known to swim up inside hosts and embed themselves in the host’s flesh.

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