“Akon Lighting Africa”: 600 million smiles by Akon

“Akon Lighting Africa”: 600 million smiles by Akon As of now the world is dealing with many different crisis, as the non-renewable energy sources are declining day by day, the power generation methods are moving towards development and yet many people in world are dealing with power crisis, as there is no availability of resources needed around.

Particularly in West Africa there are millions of people without electricity in the particular of rural areas. 
So what if I say a Rock Star is giving hist time for development of such region? Yeah it make us feel proud just by hearing this. Check out more details on "Akon Lighting Africa"

Akon, a name which does not need any type of introduction, we all know him very well. He’s do list adds one more thing on his name apart from being rapper, singer, producer etc. A new project by him is “Akon Lighting Africa”, Impressive isn’t it?

In the capital of Mali-Bamako, with supply of sunshine almost 320 days a year is the location of the project. This means using solar power panels won’t be any problem in the region. 

Samba Bathily (Co-founder) said: "We have the sun and innovative technologies to bring electricity to homes and communities. We now need to consolidate African expertise and that is our objective."
The academy will be formed as a part of the project where the interested, the academy will aim to teach people about installing and maintaining solar-powered electricity systems as well as micro grids, which likely taking off in rural Africa. The institution is scheduled to open on the upcoming summer. Experts from European region will help in program and training equipment
An African company Solektra International specialising in solar energy and water treatment is the project’s partner. 
“Akon Lighting Africa”: 600 million smiles by Akon

This means apart from providing clean energy, there will be a source of employment for Africa relatively young population.
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