A Fake news got viral, a great marketing stunt Indeed- German man who cut everything in HALF

A Fake news got viral

A marketing stunt by German Website that helps People finding lawyers…..A man who cut everything in half after divorce - Gone Viral on YouTube, Reddit and everywhere (YEAH ITS FAKE)...

BUT A FAKE ONE…. Being fake even this news sounds much interesting……. Check it out

What if I tell you a German husband actually made divorce a REVENGE. The couple lived together for around 12 years and then because of divorce they needed to split up their owned things too. German man made an amazing out of the box revenge by splitting everything they owned in HALF (And he meant the "HALF" )

Let’s have a look about what he did….

The heartbroken husband made a video even titled as “für laura” which means “for Laura”…

He managed to cut everything they owned into half, including a chair, Iphone, a big screen Samsung TV as well as a big car. After that Der Juli, is selling it into Ebay (Half pieces he owns). The amazing fact about the pieces is every piece has its unique story(FAKE Yet fun to read about) ,
  • Teddy bear in half – 51 Euros

Teddy bear in half
                “Although she doesn’t need a stuffed animal to snuggle, there are affectionate fellow workers for that.”
  • Half Mail Box, 40.50 Euros

Half Mail Box
“The mailbox hung for many years on our house until my wife turned int my ex-wife and increasingly unpleasant shipments arrived in it.”
  • Half an IPhone for 78 Euros

Half an IPhone for 78 Euros
“I generously left her half of everything, even my beloved mobile phone. That way she can no longer secretly send WhatsApp hearts to a younger work colleague. She doesn’t need it anyway as she lives with one.
  • Half a Helmet for 34.50 Euros

Half a Helmet for 34.50 Euros
“My ex-wife thought in the divorce she should be entitled to a greater part of all our things, including mine. She has never been on a motorbike.”
  • Half Mac-Book, 81 Euros

Half Mac-Book, 81 Euros
“The radical ‘conversion’ was more or less an idea of my ex-wife. She wanted to replace her husband, but keep the money and beautiful things.”
  • Half Chairs, 36.50 Euros

Half Chairs
“The chairs are super as an art installation, or simply for people who like to sit on half-an-ass cheek.”

Seems really funny to see the weirdest advertisement I have ever seen, A FAKE DIVORCE for advertising Sounds really out of a box thing then this all drama…..   On present day the Video has 6 million views. So no matter being fake they got everyone’s eye on it and that what advertisements are all about.

-News Confirmed from FactActually

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