10 countries poorer then WhatsApp

Facebook took over WhatsApp after the confirmation of the European Union. In the notice of US Stock Market Facebook told that they bought WhatsApp in $ 22 billion which is the biggest ever acquisition. Initially the amount was $ 19 billion but after the increase in the stock prices of Facebook it was increased to $ 22 billion. As per the terms and conditions of the deal, all 55 employees of WhatsApp including its founders will be granted restricted stock worth $3 billion that will vest over four years after the deal closes.

It can be seen that the social networking site has bought the WhatsApp more than the GDP of some countries which can be listed as follows:
 Whatsapp :$ 22 Billion

GDP: $ 1.99 billion
Global rank as GDP: 161
Population: 7, 42,737

                        Mainly agricultural sector based country is neighbor of India. Which is been known as the smallest economy of the world yet developing very rapidly. Per person income was $ 2,420 in 2012 of Bhutan.

GDP: $ 2.28 billion
Global rank as GDP: 159
Population: 3, 93,500

      Mainly the tourism based economy, which worth 28% of GDP. In foreign exchange tourism worth 80% part.

GDP: $ 14.29 billion
JamaicaGlobal rank as GDP: 119
Population: 28.89 lacs

                        Economy of Jamaica is based on agriculture sector, mining sector, manufacturing sector, tourism sector etc. Half of the income of Jamaica is based on Services Sector and other half income is of Tourism sector. Every year 13 lacs tourist visits Jamaica.

GDP: $ 15.66 billion
Global rank as GDP: 113
Population: 1.52 crore

                        Per person income of the country is $ 1,040. It is increasing day by day but still it’s lacking in run with others.

GDP: $ 14.66 billion
Global rank as GDP: 118
Population: 3, 25,671 

                        In 2007 Iceland was at the 7th position in Income. Per person income of Iceland was $ 54,848. In 2014 Iceland got placed in the top 10 green economy of the world.

GDP: $ 11.92 billion
Global rank as GDP: 127
Population: 12.6 lacs

                        Now Mauritius has become middle order economy country from the lower income agriculture economy. Economy of Mauritius is based on textile sector, Tourism Sector, Sugar business and other sectors.

GDP: $ 15.66 billion
Global rank as GDP: 113
Population: 1.52 crore

                        Nepal depends on mainly Tourism sector and Agriculture sector. 76% citizens of Nepal work on the agriculture sector. Though Many political issues are there but still its development index was 5% in 2012.

GDP: $ 11.21 billion
Global rank as GDP: 130
Population: 2.2 crore

                        This Island of the Indian Ocean is facing a big Poverty Issue. In 2009 its GDP was just $ 8.6 billion. The main resource of income of country is agricultural sector. In GDP agricultural sector has 29% part. Whereas manufacturing sector has 15% part.

GDP: $ 11.52 billion
MongoliaGlobal rank as GDP: 128
Population: 29.66 lacs

                        In Countries’ economy Mining sector has 22% part and agriculture sector has 16% part. In Mongolia 23% citizens earns less than 1.25 dollar a day for living.

GDP: $ 12.95 billion
Global rank as GDP: 123
Population: 1.3 crore

                        Zimbabwe has the most amount of Platinum in the world. In 2006 world’s biggest diamond was found from there.

                                    As we can see from the figures that the above 10 countries GDP is lower than the one time investment of the Social Networking Site. So people should now understand where the money should spend actually.

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