Simon Cowell Net Worth

Simon Cowell is the face of television, read more info about him

If you love music shows, then you definitely love Simon Cowell. He is the one judging all those contestants and showing them the real deal. You either love or hate him.

Simon Cowell is the name we associate with all the talent shows. He needs no introduction, as he is the guy who normally rejects everyone. All over the world, people know that Simon Cowell is the guy for whom criticism comes easily. Is there something more besides that when it comes to this guy? What is Simon Cowell net worth? Let’s find out more information on the subject by reading the article below. 

Born in England, Simon Cowell has managed to transform himself from the guy who couldn’t get a job to one of the most successful personalities out there. Today, he is indeed one of the most famous reality TV celebrities and Simon Cowell net worth is appreciated to be somewhere around $400 million. He is also a music and television producer, owning his own company. The fact that Simon Cowell is a talent scout should come as no surprise, as he often uses his own company in order to help those who are just starting in the business. Helping newbies means more revenue for his business and thus it contributes to an increase for the Simon Cowell net worth.

One of the most important sources of revenue for Simon Cowell is related to his being a talent judge on various competitions. You must have seen him being the nasty judge on shows such as ‘The X Factor’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ or ‘American Idol’. He was a judge on other competitions as well, including ‘Pop Ideal’ or ‘American Inventor’, gathering a lot of money from that. It should come as no surprise that Simon Cowell net worth skyrocketed after he was for several years in a row in many of these shows. Talent judges are paid a lot of money, as they bring a lot of publicity. 

Simon Cowell has conquered the world as a talent judge, with his signature phrase: ‘I don’t mean to be rude, but…’ Despite his constant criticism and sometimes aggressive remarks, Simon Cowell net worth has benefited from his appearance in such shows. He has also gained international recognition, being named as one of the most influential people in the world by the Time Magazine (2004, 2010). Also, in 2010, he was named among the people who matter by the New Statesman. Because of his behavior, he also gained the recognition as one of the nastiest villains of all time, from TV Guide.

Simon Cowell net worth is impressive, the Englishman being the sixth richest person in the music industry from Britain. His annual salary reaches the impressive amount of $95 million. He owns a property in Beverly Hills that has a reported value of $15 million and another one in Holland Park, valued at $7.5 million. He has a passion for yachts, owning a luxurious chartered yacht that is valued at almost $1 million. Plus, he loves fast and luxurious cars, owning cars from Bentley, Bugatti and Rolls Royce.

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