What is a Tumor?

What is a Tumor?

A tumor can be defined as ceaseless, purposeless, uncontrolled and uncoordinated growth of the tissue resulting from the multiplication of its cells. In regular words it is said to be the abnormal growth of a tissue .A tumor can be extremely dangerous. You can probably interact with a cancer patient to know how chronic or dangerous the condition could be. There are a lot of reasons for the formation of the tumor. 
Tumors are also called as neoplasm’s, (neo-new; plasm-formation or creation).Neoplasm’s can occur from virtually any tissue anywhere in the body .Neoplasm’s often develop with diverse pathogenicity. Classification of these tumors is very important since it facilitates in the understanding of the pathological nature of the disease in a more specific and comprehensive manner and more-over it also helps in making comparison and evaluation of different neoplastic conditions on the basis of their specific pathological nature.

The modern classification of neoplasms is based primarily on the structural basis or in other words, several neoplastic conditions are put into different categories on the basis of their tissue of origin. Depending on the state, the tumors can be divided into two broad categories or groups namely:

  • Benign Tumors 

  • Malignant Tumors

In medical terms generally, the benign tumor is designated by attaching the suffix ‘’oma’’ to the cell type from which it arises. For example, a benign tumor arising from the fibrous  tissue is called a ‘’Fibroma’’ while a benign cartilaginous tumor is called ‘’chondroma’’. A benign epithelial tumor arising from any gland is known as ‘’adenoma’’. A malignant tumor arising from the epithelial tissue is called ‘’carcinoma’’. Malignant tumors are generally called as cancerous and dangerous tumors. The spread of tumors to the different parts rapidly is caused by a process called metastasis. During metastasis ,the tumor cells spread either via the lymphatic channels or the blood vessels, besides this, in some cases ,the metastatic cells can spread via the nerve sheath .Metastasis is an important characteristic of the malignant tumors. The tumor which occurs initially is called the primary tumor while the newly formed tumor developing as a result of metastasis is called secondary tumor.

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