Check out Elizabeth Mitchell plastic surgery before and after look

This article is going to provide a brief insight into the world of stars and plastic surgery, with Elizabeth Mitchell nose job in the center 

Hollywood is a tough place to survive, especially if you are an actress who is over 40. Many young, aspiring actresses are willing to take your place and they will do it without any regrets. In such situations, one is forced to appeal to all possible weapons and that also includes plastic surgery. Elizabeth Mitchell, famous for the role in the ‘Lost’ series and ‘Once Upon a Time’ has allegedly chosen to keep her appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery. The American actress certainly does not show her age (44) but has she really been under the knife? The Internet is filled with Elizabeth Mitchell surgery before and after photos, so you can decide that for yourself.

Tabloids have declared that Elizabeth Mitchell has decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, in order to maintain her beautiful looks. There were certain articles in which it was declared that the actress does not do anything special to maintain her natural appearance. Bad mouths are still trying to determine whether she has done or not. However, in the end, it does not matter as much whether she had plastic surgery or not. What matter is: does she look better now? Let’s take the allegations one by one, starting with Elizabeth Mitchell nose job.

A photo showing a younger Elizabeth Mitchell has circulated on the Internet along with a current capture, showing the clear difference between the old and the new nose. These photos are enough to attest the Elizabeth Mitchell nose job, as in the new photo her nose is thinner and it has a pointed tip. Tabloids have turned to specialized cosmetic surgeons in order to analyze the Elizabeth Mitchell nose job. They have all declared that this is a nose that has been operated, as no woman of her age can change her nose without rhinoplasty surgery.

While there are ways a woman can dress in which the breasts can appear larger, by taking a look at Elizabeth Mitchell before and after photos, it is safe to say that breast augmentation has been performed. The Internet was filled with photos showing Elizabeth Mitchel boob job; these were not necessarily explicit photos, but rather photos of her dresses in different outfits. Looking with attention, one could easily notice a change in Elizabeth Mitchell breasts. The reasons why she might have resorted to breast augmentation as well, besides the nose job, are clearly related to the age pressure. 

There are very few actresses who have managed to survive at Hollywood without having any plastic surgery and Elizabeth Mitchell is not one of them. Many people have criticized Elizabeth Mitchell nose job, saying that she should not have done it. Others have said that there was no need for Elizabeth Mitchell boob job to happen, but in the end, it is not our decision. If she needs plastic surgery in order to survive the cruel competition and also to feel good about herself, then who are we to judge her?

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