Trendy Fashion : SHAWL

The simple item of clothing worn over the shoulders, arms, upper body and a time’s over the head. Most times it’s rectangular, square and triangular in shape. The colour and texture is different in shape and colour that one would prefer to wear in places and events. Kashmir in India is one famous place that the cloth is recognised the types include kanikar that has unique woven design characterising nature while jamiavr composed of woollen fabric these are the features of the clothing designs.

Oscars 2015 label

The trendy item on everyone’s mind is one that must be unique in nature. One person who saw this is David Oyelowo whose outstanding red carpet collar tuxedo reflected a different design on the use of the cloth. The 2015 Oscars caught the attention of men in trendy fashion wear unlike other times when they just show up in black and white tuxedo suits. This was different with notable figures adding a touch of the cloth to the collar lapel these were John Legend (Gucci), Chris Pratt(Tom Ford) and Adam Levine in (Giorgio Armani).

Trendy fashion for winter

The most demanding item on winter are sweaters, jackets, hats and coats. 2015 has innovative ideas on the shawl. The incomplete look for a women going to any function in winter is without the cloth. The latest trends include;
  • wool fabric comfortable and quite warm for a cold weather
  • Pashima my favourite is soft and delicate makes women to look more attractive.
  • Cashmere the design as a perfect finish suits all ages and applicable to official occasions.
  • Pashima wool embroidered in trendier these days they add a soft and warm touch when worn.
  • Jamawar they are fancy with a beautiful grace and brightness which adds to more demand among women.
  • Embroidered are types that is characterised by heaviness and is very warm especially for a cold weather.
  • Plaid are check print in nature popular in men and women all ages, they are colourful and warm, fur designed with a full collar mainly suits the winter
  • Animal print another of my favourite mainly in black and white prints are what women are to look for during winter.
  • Hand painted looks good and attractive to teens these correction trends in the market quite often due to high demand from teens.

The ideal nature of fashion is the colour, material, shape, design and quality this is a definition of the pony’s on fashinistic sense. The cloth reflects cultural aspect of many communities around the globe an example is the different trend in African Somali women, Ethiapian and Indian women all share the cloth in particular but in a different style and shape. In the modern fashion world has modernised the cloth to one more trendy and attract to suit all ages. The men in particular are more accustomed more than ever to trend with the cloth in their suits this is witnessed in the current Oscar awards. This gives a good picture of the importance of the cloth in the fashion world of today. The value of an item is expressed through innovation and creativeness to enhance to a good quality for presentation. Coco Chanel once said,’’ Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening’’.

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