Working Out At Afternoon Better or not?

Workout at afternoon

Going for an early morning jog or hitting the treadmill before work is a routine for many people around the world. Following a healthy eating plan, getting a good night sleep and incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine is essential for optimal health.  Most people prefer to wake up at the crack of dawn and go for a good run before the day starts. This has been the norm for many years, but new research shows that early morning might not be the optimal time to do this. reports that athletes who had been participants during a recent research study performed better around noon than any other times tested.  The study was conducted by The University of Birmingham. Twenty athletes, including a number of hockey players, were subjected to various fitness tests, by the researchers, several times during the day at various time intervals starting from 7am and ending at 10pm.  The study concluded that the athlete’s performance did not peak until noon.  These statistics remained the same not matter whether the person was an early riser or a night owl.
Roland Brandstaetter, one of the researchers from the University of Birmingham stated that the results showed the importance of listening to our body’s internal clock. He added that this was extremely important, as the body’s clock has a huge effect on everything we do because literally every cell in our bodies has a clock. "There are clocks in the brain and also in the organs, in the heart, in the liver, everything, and your physiology is controlled by these clocks. Everything happens on a day-night basis," added the expert.
The study and the researcher thus concluded that due to the body’s internal clock and the various specifically timed functioning of the cells within our bodies, moving your exercise routine to later in the day would yield the most benefit. Therefore, if you feel a little lazy and not in the mood to go for a jog first thing in the morning, listen to your body and rather sleep a little later.  Go for your run around noon and reap optimal rewards for your effort.

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