Working from home improves your health and increases productivity

Many workers across the Northeast are keeping warm and getting cozy in front of their laptops at home as a major winter storm rages outside. Breaking away from their normal 5-to-9 routine they are opting to rather work from home.

This might be exactly what the doctor ordered according to recent studies, as working from the comfort of your own home appears to be good for your health as well as your productivity. The studies concluded that the participants who worked from home reported feeling less tired due to work exhaustion and experienced greater work satisfaction.  The studies also found that the participants who worked from home not only slept better at night, but that the highest performers excelled in a “work from home” environment.

One such study from Stanford University was conducted on 225 office workers where they were split into a control group, who kept working normally in the office and a test group who worked from home.  The study was conducted over a period of nine moths and both groups worked the same amount of working hours and the same shifts.

The findings of the study proof to be quite astounding reported the Harvard Business Review.  The work from home group’s productivity increased by 13% and indicated that they were more productive per minute than the control group of workers who remained in the office. Reasons for the possible increase in performance were reportedly due to less noise distraction, fewer sick leave and less breaks by the participants of the test group. The control group’s performance remained the same.

After the study had concluded the employees were given the choice to either return to working in the office or to work from home. Interestingly enough, approximately half of the employees who worked from home opted to return to the office, while the highest performing half from the test group preferred to remain working from home. The researchers concluded that companies should at least consider allowing their employees to work from home every now and then, as it allows the employees to also concentrate private projects and tasks. They did however add that employees who had a tendency to procrastinate would probably not perform as well.

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