Weirdest Smartphones, With these gadgets you will be original in every company

Majority of mobile phones’ producers strive to make their production as modern, ergonomic and appealing as possible. Nevertheless, in the world of gadgets there are also freaks – producers, which defiantly do not want to follow global trends, and they create devices as one can call only as strange. Now, we propose you to have a look at this short review of the most unusual smartphones of all history.
Weirdest Smartphones

1.       NoPhone. 
It is a phone that does not exist. Nowadays, when new models of smartphones become smarter and more independent, it is strangely to create a gadget that is able to do just nothing. However, here it is! Using NoPhone, one cannot make a call, send a message, check an e-mail. Of course, gadget also does not have internet access. However, it does not have a camera and also slots for memory cards, and even slots for SIM-cards. Nevertheless, the device is quite popular, and its total dysfunctionality enraptures a specific category of people. In reality, NoPhone is intended for use of people, who do not understand how it is possible to live without a mobile phone, and who have developed peculiar smartphone addiction. In the case if a person wants to get rid of a habit of revolving gadget in one’s hands, check one’s pages in social networks, check e-mails, NoPhone is ready to help! This wonderful device costs from $12 up to $18 dollars.

2.       Xian Yan Wang XYW 3838.  
It is a smartphone-cigarette-case. At the time when producers of mobile phones strive to make appearance of the gadgets as much laconic as possible, developers of Xian Yan Wang presented a gadget that one will not call a “gadget”. It is rather a cigarette-case than a mobile phone. Moreover, this smartphone occur to be a cigarette-case as well. In fact, it is a hybrid of cigarette-case and mobile phone. Creators of this gadget claim that they developed this smartphone for people, who like to have long conversations on mobile. Now they will be able to smoke without interrupting a call.
Xian Yan Wang XYW 3838
Xian Yan Wang XYW 3838

BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry Passport
3.       BlackBerry Passport
Heaven knows what it is, either a phone or a passport. Blackberry, primary positioned itself as a producer of mobile phones for business clients, in the end could not win its niche in the mobile market. That is because the gadgets which the company produced, were much different than those of market leaders, Apple and Samsung. Nevertheless, the brand had also its fans, but the BlackBerry Passport smartphone made even them perplexed. It is because the size of this gadget is like that of a little book. But herewith, it has a quadratic display, and its diagonal is 4.5 inches. As a result, the gadget looks even weirder and seems to be very bulky.

4.       Just5. 
Just5 is a mobile phone for your grandmother. Its appearance can cause only a smirk of young people. But at the same time, the gadget is functional, and so it has found its audience. These smartphones are designed for old people. Everything in the design of this gadget is designed to make the work with it accessible and understandable for an old person. The smartphone has a button keypad with big buttons, and it is difficult to press a wrong button when one has bad eyesight. Besides, the software interface of the device is simplify so much that even people, who have never worked with computer, will understand it. The phone also has an “alarm button”. It is enough to press this button, and phone will start to call either someone from relatives or from hospital.

5.       LG G Flex. 
This gadget is bent. Recently iPhone 6 appeared to be in the center of the scandal as users found out that its case bends if the smartphone is worn in a pocket of jeans. At the same time, LG G Flex is bent on one’s Jack, and the company positions this smartphone as styling more functional. The developers of the gadget are sure that bent smartphone is much more comfortable for wearing in a pocket. Besides, during a call one may not fear to press accidentally a button on the screen. However, LG users did not appreciate this idea, and so developers did not continue to develop this idea. 
LG G Flex



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