Weird Religious Traditions

People around the world believe in many things and they all have the same goal – to satisfy the spirits. Some would do the most incredible things. Here are a few of those weird rituals from around the globe.

  • Throwing Babies – the Indians have a very awkward religious tradition where they throw babies from towers as a symbol of good luck. This is a Muslim tradition that has been going on for five hundred years in western India; babies are being thrown from 50-feet high towers for good luck. The little ones are thrown on a bed-sheet held by a few men who then quickly bring the baby to their mothers. The parents practice this tradition and they believe that this way their babies will be in good health, living the life of good luck and great courage. Most of the babies survive this traumatic fall. 

  • Unusual Piercing – southern Hindus perform one more unusual ritual in Kali temples; it is called “Garudan Thookkam” and the local people dress as Garuda, who is their divinity, and perform a special dance. After the dance is terminated, the Hindus get their backs pierced with sharp hooks and then lifted up on scaffold with ropes, sometimes holding babies in their hands. They are then carried around the temple as an offering to the goddess Garuda.

  • Shaking while possessed – the people of Haiti practice voodoo and they believe in the importance of caring and honoring the spirits because, as time goes by, these spirits become weak and they need special nourishment treatment that only people can give them. The Haitians practice special rituals where they make sacrifices in order to rejuvenate the spirits and give them a new life – they scarify animals and transfer their spirits into the weakened ones.  The rituals are called “Loa” and a sacrificed chicken is supposed to satisfy “Loa” and to give it a new and a younger life, to release its energy and rejuvenate “Loa”. During this unusual ceremony, the worshipers can be possessed by “Loa”; it can take control over the worshipers and offer its help, such as advice on health, offering remedies, or deliver prophesies. The worshipers usually begging to shake, to convulse, during the ceremony and dramatically fall on the ground.  

  • Nude with Peacock Feathers – monks in India believe that one can only understand their philosophy only by being completely naked; this is why a true monk cannot wear any clothes at all. Monks cannot have any possessions; they must get rid of them all immediately and cannot be subjected to social considerations such as shame or pride. This monk must beg for his food and he drinks the water a gourd. He cannot eat more than once a day. Their philosophy of non-violence orders them to use a peacock feather so they can clear the path they walk on in order not to trample any insects. Women are not allowed to practice this kind of naked ascetism so they must be re-born in a male body in order to become monks and reach liberation through these practices. 

  • Group Sex and Masturbation – Pagan rituals are practice in Seattle by a secret group in order to satisfy the spirits of fertility; these rituals include practicing group sex and masturbation and they were also popular more than one thousand years ago in the Middle East. The spirits can feel the ecstatic pleasure of humans and when the practitioners (heterosexual and homosexual) experience orgasm all together, that is when the spirits are finally satisfied. They can also be satisfied through practiced masturbation.

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