Twilight with a new creative view for Facebook

Twilight Saga

In a recent statement to a U.S. newspaper daily, made by Kristen Stewart, the Twilight female lead actor confirms that the Twilight franchise is set to make a comeback in five short films exclusively created to broadcast on Facebook. The Twilight Saga will return with five short films to broadcast exclusively on Facebook. 

Twilight Saga

These five short films will be directed by five female directors who will be selected for this project a team of experts. They will make their own story and plot for the short film, which will be based on the popular characters of the movie franchise, Twilight. This project has been named as ‘The Storytellers – New creative voices of the Twilight Saga’.

The female directors will be guided by experts’ group with ‘Twilight’ actress Kristen Stewart and the series author Stephenie Meyer as the key members. Meyer, with a long experience of working in the industry has taken this project as she feels that the female voice is something that has become more important over the years in the industry. 

The Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation, which is the production house of Twilight series, announced the project in a united effort with its co – production house and Women In Film organization, a non-profit organization that promotes equal opportunities for women in creative field across the globe.

Stating her excitement and feelings about the project, Meyer said, “I am feeling honoured, to be able to work with Women in Film, Lionsgate Corporation and Facebook on a project, which is dedicated to provide more opportunities for more number of women who have a creative bend and give them chance to be heard creatively”.

The president of Women In Film, Cathy Schulman expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity to be a part of ‘The Storytellers – New creative voices of the Twilight Saga’ with Stephenie Meyer, Lionsgate and Facebook. She mentioned that accessing Hollywood is a challenge for aspiring female filmmakers and this project will help empower new and creative storytellers to come forward.

To make this project a success, the huge fan base of the film franchise are encouraged to participate in the project beginning the coming year.

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