The Weirdest Lifestyles

How would you feel about having two husbands?

People all around the world have all kinds of different lifestyles and chose what suits them best. These people are definitely different form others.


  • An Unusual Threesome – Maria had two children with her husband Paul and suddenly she decided to leave him for another man; unfortunately, Maria did not realize how much she would miss her husband. At the same time, she wanted to live with the man, Peter, for whom she left the husband because she could not imagine her life without him. Something unusual happened: the two men, Paul and Peter, became great friends and Maria came up with a fantastic idea – they should all be living together. So, Peter moved in with Maria, her husband Paul and their two children in East London and they now all live as a happy family, in harmony, all together. They made a deal that Maria sleeps with her daughter in the room, Paul sleeps in his own room while Peter sleeps on the couch in the living room – they do not want to argue or make problems about anything in the house. Maria has sexual intercourse with both men but they never share a bed together, all three of them. All three of them take care of the kids, share the bills and do the housework. 

  • The Victorian Era Woman – Sarah Chrisman got a very unusual gift from her husband for her 30th birthday. It was a corset, which had completely changed her life. From that day on, Sarah is wearing nothing but corsets and clothes, which belong to the Victorian era and she never wants to change her style. Her life has changes and developed in a completely different way and she is more satisfied with her lifestyle. Also her husband is living her lifestyle and he also says he is feeling more confident and satisfied. Both of them say they do not care about what the environment thinks about them and their goal is to be different and happy. Sarah is making her own clothes, the couple does not own a car, they use old gas lamps and they own a real Victorian style home. Sarah and her husband cook a lot and the use the 19th century recipes exclusively. The only modern thing they own is a refrigerator but they hope to change it for something less modern and older. Sarah even wrote a book about how her life changed with the Victorian era lifestyle. 

  • The Dog Man – Gary Matthews was once a hard worker who had been employed in a factory as a technology worker. The moment he retired, he began living another way a life, he chose a different lifestyle. He wants the environment to accept him and he is entirely living as a real canine. The 50-year-old Gary wears a dog collar, he eats dog food from an actual bowl and he treats himself with dog cookies. He lives in his back yard, he barks at strangers and other dogs, he chases cars and he wants the company of other canines – like a real dog. Gary has a doghouse in his back yard where he sleeps and he claims that the doghouse is much more comfortable than his own bed. Gary calls himself Boomer, inspired by an American TV show that he had been watching as a kid. Boomer was canine character that went around helping people, so Gary found this idea very appealing and he decided on being Boomer the Helping Dog. Gary has a dog costume and he walks around in it like a true canine.
 Recognizing the song Rich Gang- Lifestyle .... Lolz..

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