Strange facts about life

We all have had our different perceptions about life in our minds. But, what is life, how do we know the basics of living our lives. Sometimes, a simple breathing process in us, the human beings astonishes, when the same starts affecting our health and we get prone to some diseases. Let us know some facts about our lives, which are less known and shocking to some extent. Some of you might know few of them, but still let us recall them. 

1.      Right hand or Left hand matters a lot: Studies prove that, if a human being is right handed then the same will be chewing the from the right side of the mouth and the one who is left handed will chew the food from the left side of the mouth.

2.      Dehydration stops the human thirst: If a human body is completely dehydrated one will stop feeling thirsty. So next time, you are not feeling thirsty the whole day, it is better you drink lots of water to avoid your body getting being completely dehydrated.  

3.      Does peeling onion make you cry, now not anymore! We all know how cruel these onions can be, to we poor humans!  Next time, you want to peel onions start chewing a gum. It is no fun, rather chewing a gum while peeling off onions will stop making you cry. 

4.      White or pink: We all know that when our tongue is white it is not clean, but do you know, that when it is even slightly white it has a layer of bacteria which are not only dirty but also harmful to our lives. So, be sure when cleansing your mouth next time!

5.      Wide open eyes: In a study, it was revealed that a human eye is wide open with pupil expanding to up to forty five percent when a human eye gets to see something interesting and amazing.  
6.      Smoking makes you sleepy: It was known that smoking causes lung cancer to human body, but now, you all need to know that smoking makes you sleep more even. Yes it is true, the more you smoke, the more you sleep per night.  

7.      Laughter therapy: Doctors have always believed in the laughter therapy for years now. And this is a scientific fact as well which has been mentioned in the ages old scribes as well. Laughing decreases the stress hormones in a human body and reduces the daily stress level in a human being.

8.      Child laughs more than an adult: How much can adult laughs? Well, how much it can be, as it would always be much less than a child. Amazed! Well a child laughs 300 times in a day whereas an adult laughs only 15 – 100 times each day.
9.      Side matters: A human body is strange! The human body has two differently sized lungs. The left lung of human body is smaller than the right lung so that human heart can be fit into the body. 
10.  Blush! Blush: When a human being blushes, it is not just the face that glows and turns red; it is also the human stomach which turns red. This is the reason why one experiences the strange giggling feeling while blushing or excited.
11.  Why do we have dimples on face: We all love individuals who get dimples on their faces while smiling or laughing. True that.  But, why do we get dimples anyway? We get the same so, because of the attachment of the human skin to the muscles. The more loose the attachment, the deeper dimple it is. 

12.  High heels are masculine matter: High heels which are considered to be the most feminine thing these days were actually first worn by men in 16th century. Despite, the fact that heels are feminine; they were initially worn be women to boast their masculine character. Strange! Isn’t it.

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