Strange and delicious fruits and vegetables

Delicious and weird fruits and vegetables from all around the globe that not many people know about.
A myriad of varieties of fruits and vegetables exist to delight and tickle our taste buds. Some fruits and vegetables are so familiar to us that we hardly notice or appreciate their taste anymore. Following is a list of more exotic fruits and vegetables found across the world.


1.       Cherimoya – Referred to as a “Custard Apple” and described as the most delicious fruit ever. It is indigenous to South America but is now grown in various other countries such as Portugal, in the South of Asia and in the south of Italy.  An oval shaped fruit with a harder bumpy exterior and a delicious creamy center. This fruit boasts a unique taste – a combination of papaya, pineapple, strawberry and peach.  It is best enjoyed chilled and eaten with a spoon like an ice-cream.


2.       Pummelo – A member of the citrus family it is hailed as the largest. Resembling a grapefruit, it boasts a super thick skin with a delicious citrusy flesh center. The fruit originally hails from south and south-east Asia but can be found across the globe these days. With a taste much sweeter than a grapefruit it is a popular breakfast side dish and adds great flavor to salads. The skin of the fruit is pale green to soft yellow and the flesh is white in color.


3.       Jabuticaba – This delicious fruit is also known as the “Brazilian Tree Grape” and is about the size of a plum. It tastes like a grape – it’s only bigger! It has a thick skin purple in color and grows to about 3-4 cm in size.This exotic berry native to Brazil, grows directly from the tree trunk and is delicious enjoyed raw.  It is also used to make jams and wine.


4.      Kiwano melon – Grown in Southern Africa and New Zealand this fruit is also known as the “African Horned Cucumber” or “Horned Melon”. It has a weird horned exterior, yellow in color, and a neon green fruity interior with edible seeds. It tastes like a mixture of banana, lime and cucumber.
Kiwano melon

5.     Romanesco – A delicious and strange vegetable, it a combination of both a cauliflower and a broccoli. Bright green in color with a nutty broccoli-cauliflower taste. It is both beautiful and intricate in appearance. It is extremely nutritious (containing large amounts of folic acid which is cell-regenerating nutrient)  and easy to prepare.


6.       Ugli fruit – A teardrop shaped fruit with a not-so-easy-on-the-eyes appearance. Grown in Jamaica, this delicious fruit although not very pretty tastes wonderful. With a grape fruity tangerine taste it can be enjoyed as is or squeezed into a refreshing drink.

Ugli fruit

7.       Dragon fruit – This gorgeous and tasty fruit is indigenous  to Central and South America.  With it intense pink outer layer and green scales it is hard to miss at your local market or grocery store. An excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber, adding this exotic fruit to your diet will only be beneficial. It is also good for people with diabetes, and heart problems.  With a delicious neutral flavor and edible seeds, getting used to and enjoying this gem would be no problem.

Dragon fruit

8.      Purple sweet potato – This brilliantly purple spud in very popular in Japan and Hawaii. Peel back its skin and be pleasantly surprised by it vibrant color and surprisingly pleasant taste. It can be used to create a myriad of colorful, eye popping and delicious dishes. An excellent source of vitamins (A and C), adding this veggie to your menu will not only be nutritious, but playful as well.
Purple sweet potato

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