No.1 album of 2014 is it “1989” or “Frozen”??

With tech quickly changing the way that people listen to music the answer to the question of what the most popular album of 2014 was would depend on what data that is counted.

According to Nielsen Soundscan, using the traditional and regular model of sales “1989” from Taylor Swift which sold 3.66 million copies in formats like album downloads and CDs slightly beat the soundtrack for Disney’s “Frozen” which sold 3.53 million copies.
Disney's Frozen
But by incorporating Spotify and YouTube streaming services the picture get changed. In that way, 4.47 million “album equivalent units” were moved of “Frozen” while “1989” came in at 4.40 million as it was not available through streaming. Billboard magazine and Soundscan introduced the album equivalent units in addition to album sales which factors in downloads and streams of individual songs.

As it grows in popularity, streaming still has serious doubts over how viable it is as a model of finance and album sales metrics that are in competition yielding two different albums as No.1 show that the industry of music is at crossroads.

In 2014, music downloads dropped in the US for the second year in a row. About 106.5million albums that were digital were sold a reduction from 2013 of 9.4 percent, while sales of songs to just over 1.1billion for the year.

On the whole, comprising the growing niche of vinyl LPs, CDs, and downloads, in 2014 some 257 million albums were sold which is by 11.2 percent down from the previous year.
Taylor's 1989
In the meantime, streaming services like Rhapsody and Spotify in 2014 increased 54.5percent to almost 164 billion song streams. Around the world, the pattern is just the same. For example, according to a trade group the British Phonographic Industry, in Britain for the first time downloads fell but streaming doubled. 

An analyst as Nielsen David Bakula stated that there was definitely a shift in consumer as the digital consumer appeared to be shifting away to massive amounts of streaming away from downloads.

In 2014 competition among steaming companies became more intensive. A paid subscription plan for music was introduced by YouTube, and $3billion was paid by Apple for Beats the company for headphones that houses a fledgling outlet for subscription music. Music executives say that the expectation is that this deal is going to play a major part in Apple’s iTunes stores which when it was introduced in 2003 transformed the market of digital music but has seen a huge drop in interests from consumers.

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