Milk is not all that good for your body, research says

Kindergarten children are taught that milk is very good for the body. Well, it is good for children but according to a new research, adults should reduce the amount of milk they consume. From previous studies it is known that milk contains lots of calcium that helps in strengthening of teeth and bone. The calcium also prevents a bone condition known as osteoporosis. It is these merits that have led to medical practitioners recommending milk as a part of a healthy diet. 

However, from the new study it was discovered that drinking milk in large amounts does not really protect against bone fractures. The researchers proposed that these results be viewed cautiously as shocking as they might be.
They found that women who drank three or more glasses of milk in a day had a doubled risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and actually dying from them. There was also a 44% increased risk of contracting cancer compared to those women who drunk less than one glass daily. For men the results were very different. The risk of death and cardiovascular diseases rose by about 10% when three or more glasses of milk are drank daily.
A professor at the City University of the New York School of Public Health, Mary Schooling pointed out that the findings showed an only association, not a direct connection between the two. She went on to add that people are not supposed to change their diet based on these findings.
The study that was carried out in Sweden involved more than 45,000 men and 61,000 women. The participants had filled out dietary questionnaires for some other research projects previously in the late 1980s (for women) and men in 1997. All participants were above the age of 39 at the time of the research.
The researchers compared the reported usage of milk to the health data recorded by Swedish officials. The goal was to see whether consumption of the commodity could be linked to an increased risk of death or other health complications. The results discovered were that excessive amounts of milk in a daily diet (more than 3 glasses) did have a connection to the heightened risk of death. To add onto that, drinking too much milk seemed to increase the risk of broken bones. The risk of fractures shot up by 16% for those who drank more than three glasses on a daily basis.

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