First photos of history in various fields

Check out some incredible pieces of art made by people who were the first in the field of modern photography

The history of photography had very naive beginnings
First photos of history in various fields

Nearly 200 years ago, a French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce smeared on a metal plate a thin layer of asphalt mixed with oil and exposed it to direct sunlight, obtaining the first capture of light. This was the first recorded try of making a photograph. Later, he perfected the technique and had the idea of using a camera with salts sensitive to light to try to get stills on silver pieces. He was the first to capture "the reflection of the visible." The resulting image is not of the best quality but it begins the history of photography. After that first picture there were other pioneers who made the first color photographs, aerial photographs, photographs from space, the first assembly, the discovery of X-rays, self portraits, underwater photos and 3D photography.

1. Year 1826 - The oldest preserved photograph -  
French photographer Joseph Niepce took this picture after eight hours of exposure. It called "View from the window at Le Gras". It is preserved in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas in Austin. This piece of art is not as clear as photos that we used to see today, but it represents important part of history. 

Year 1826
 2. Year 1838 - The first human being photographed - 
Have you ever wonder who was on the first photo in history? Louis Daguerre took the first photograph of a person in 1838. The "Boulevard du Temple" photo shows a street that looks deserted. The exposure time was 10 minutes and the person who was portrayed had to stand still that long to be in the picture. He makes great effort while participating in this. The person is in the lower left angle while using service of cleaning shoes. 
Year 1838

3. Year 1858 - The first montage -
 In 1858, Henry Peach Robinson became the first person who made assembly, combining several negatives in a single image. This arrangement, called "Fading Away" is a combination of five negatives. It represents the death of a girl caused by tuberculosis. The work gained great controversy.
Year 1858

4. Year 1861 - The first color photograph
 James Clerk Maxwell, a mathematician and theoretical physicist of Scottish descent, made the first color photograph in 1861. The photographic plates used in the process are stored in his house. Maxwell's house is now a museum. This scientist was born in Edinburgh.
Year 1861

5. Year 1875 - The first self-portrait -  
The famous American photographer Mathew B. Brady was the first person who took a picture of himself. The first self-portrait was made. Can we call it "the first selfie"? 
Year 1875

6. Year 1946 - The first photograph from space - 
 On October 24, 1946, 35 mm camera placed in a V-2 rocket took a picture from a height of 65 kilometers above the Earth. 
Year 1946

7. Year 1903 - The first photographs taken from the air -  
The first aerial photographs were taken by these birds. In 1903, Julius Neubronner had the idea of attaching a camera and a timer on the neck of a dove. This idea was adopted by the German army and was used by the military intelligence service. It is very original way of making photos. 
Year 1903

8. Year 1923 - The first underwater color photo -  
The first underwater color photo was taken in the Gulf of Mexico by Dr. William Longley Charles Martin in 1926.
Year 1923

9. Year 1972 - The first photograph of the fully illuminated Earth
This was the first image that shows a fully illuminated Earth, known as "The Blue Marble". It was made on December 7, 1972 by equipment installed on the spacecraft Apollo XVII.

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