Controversial Rituals around the World

So many people around the world and so many different rituals; most of them relate with religion, however some are intended for self-healing and well-being. 
Controversial Rituals around the World

Old People Left to Die 1.       Old People Left to Die - this is a ritual practiced by the Eskimos where the ones who have reached the old aged are put on an iceberg and sent adrift; the old people eventually either freeze or starve to death. The Eskimos believe that there is a better life waiting for them when they pass away. This is why they send their people away to die with dignity and then to enter the afterlife with grace and smiles on their faces. Modern Eskimos still practice the ritual of “freezing to death”. The Serbian people also have a ritual called “lapot”, where they take the old people out in the woods, they put a bread roll on their head and they kill them with a giant hammer, saying the following: “I am not taking your life, but this bread is.” The old people are just slowing down the community so they have to be taken away. 

2.       Female Genital Mutilation this is a ritual that is still practiced in Africa; it understands cutting a little girl’s vagina to make it narrow, as forming a kind of a seal. The opening should be only wide enough to let urine through as well as menstrual blood. Some of the girls have their legs tied together for weeks until the vaginal tissue is completely healed. The ritual is not at all sterile; the tools they used are not sterilized – knives or razors, and there is no clean room to perform the ritual, it may be anywhere outside or somewhere inside the house, on the floor. This serious surgery could lead to terrible consequences. 

Old People Left to Die     3.       Cannibalism a strange sect from northern India called the Aghoris still practice cannibalism; the entire idea of their practice is to receive immortality and higher powers from dead bodies. The corpses that float in the Ganges River are picked up by the members of the Aghoris sect, their flesh gets eaten up and the practitioners drink up from their skulls. They believe that raw human meat will bring them various benefits, such as health and supernatural powers and that they also can stay forever young and even become immortal. 

4.       Muslim Bloodlettingthe Ashura bloodletting is a ritual ceremony performed by the Shi’ite all around the world by which they mark the death of Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussein, their prophet who was in the Battle of Kerbala, which took place in the 7th century.  In that battle, the Shi’ite pierced the boys’ heads with their daggers, spilling their blood into the streets. The Muslims still regret the fact that they were not there for the battle and to save Mohammed’s grandson and his family so they spil their own blood during the ritual as well as the blood of their children. They also believe that the ritual resolves their souls of every possible sin. Their saying says the following – “each tear shed for Hussein washes away a thousand sins.”

Animal Massacre 5.       Animal Massacre this ritual killing of animals is practices in Nepal, India and Indonesia, and it is a characteristic ritual for Hinduism. The practitioners strangle their animals and then use a spike of wood and pierce the animal’s heart with it. The Hindu priests say that if animals make noise while killed, that must be a bad sign, a bad omen. The Hindus also sacrifice roosters in fights against each other, which is all a part of a festival in the honor of a Hindu god. The blood spilling symbolizes purification from evil spirits.

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