Co-incidentally True!

Coincidences are one of the many curiousness's of nature that, when you think about it, aren’t as curious. But some coincidences are just too strange to be coincidences. Could they truly be evidence of a higher power?

Coincidence may be God’s way of remaining anonymous. But in these cases, God definitely wanted to flaunt his abilities. These honest-to-goodness true stories from all over the world are definitely way too creepy to be called co-incidences. Sometimes even million-to-one odds aren’t enough.

Coincidences are a part of our daily life. When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time, you attribute the event to coincidence and laugh about it. But are coincidences really just that, or is there some deeper pattern that we humans are too foolish to notice? As the wise turtle from Kung Fu Panda Master Oogway once remarked, “There are no accidents.” Well, these astonishing stories have made believers out of us.

  •           What A Save – A baby falls from a window at a height a few feet below. Disaster is averted because of a certain Joseph Figlock walking down the street at the exact same time and the baby falling on him. The young one is unharmed, but poor Figlock probably suffered a minor concussion. A good enough coincidence in itself, but get this. Another year goes by and our Mr. Figlock is out on a stroll once again, and once more feels something drop upon him with more force than the last time. He later realizes it’s the same baby, albeit one year older and bigger, who dropped from the same window, onto same poor him, and it’s the same flustered mother expressing her gratitude to him. This time, however, the concussion is a bit more severe, and sees him changing the path he takes for his walk every evening.
    What A Save

  •          The Bullet Had His Name On It – Scorned Love. Unfulfilled Vengeance. Karmic Retaliation. Sounds just like a movie plot, doesn’t it? Well, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The year is 1883. Alleged stud Henry Ziegland breaks up with his girlfriend, who as a result commits suicide. Her infuriated brother shoots Ziegland and then puts the gun in his own mouth. Plot twist: The bullet he fired doesn’t kill Ziegland. In fact it doesn’t even do any major damage, just licks Henry’s face and gets stuck in a tree. Ziegland rejoices at his incredible fortune. But karma’s a female dog. Years later, he decides to cut down the tree that has the bullet in it. Way too lazy to pick up an axe, he sets up a few sticks of dynamite and blows it up. The explosion dislodges the bullet from the tree and sends it flying towards Ziegland. He gets shot in the head by his ex’s brother, albeit indirectly, and dies instantly. 
    The Bullet Had His Name On It

  •          We don’t just look identical  Identical twins are a miracle of nature, sharing the same womb, looking the same and many a time leading very similar lives. Similar, however, turns out to be an understatement in this case. The state of Ohio: twin boys are born and separated right at birth, being adopted by different families. Your eyeballs are slowly going to pop out of their sockets and your mouth is going to open wide at this one. Both families give both boys the same name – James, while having absolutely no contact with each other. Both the James-es take up training in law enforcement, both find that they have a good aptitude in carpentry and mechanical drawing, and both end up in marriage with a girl named Linda. Two separate girls, of course, one to each. Both have sons who are named James Alan and James Allan respectively. Close enough. Both their marriages don’t work out, and they divorce the Linda-s to marry Betty-s, again both their wives having the same name. Both had dogs which they both named Toy. And the “similarities” go on. After being reunited after forty years, they swapped stories, and found that they didn’t. This could be better explained if one was the clone of the other, but that seems pretty unlikely too. So we’ll just stick to calling it a coincidence.
    We don’t just look identical 

  •          Dark Predictions – Edgar Allen Poe, the famous horror book author, once wrote a story in which he described a shipwreck and four survivors who, after several days of hunger, decide finally to kill and eat the cabin boy, named Richard Parker. In 1884, just a few years hence, the yawl, Mignonette capsized, with only 4 survivors of the tragedy. After many days in the open boat, the three senior members decided to kill and eat the fourth person, the cabin boy. Having the name Richard Parker. And also, the tiger in Life of Pi was also name Richard Parker... but that’s probably not a coincidence.

    Dark Predictions

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