Chilling footage reveals moments before death on sets of 'Midnight Rider'

ABC News aired a nerve chilling video on Friday. This new footage featured the death of camerawoman Sarah Jones who was killed by a locomotive on the sets of the movie �Midnight Rider: The Gregg Allman Story.’ 

The film, whose production has now been suspended indefinitely, was to be based on Gregg Allman’s autobiography. The country singer’s novel was titled �My Cross to Bear’. This new footage, that from inside of the locomotive which tore through the sets, was released shortly after Sarah’s family dropped their lawsuits against the producers and Mr. Allman.

At the fateful moment, the team was working on a scene with Allman on a hospital bed. As revealed by the show, the train struck this bed which caused the 27 year old to be pushed towards her death. The clip shows the fact that the train needed a minimum distance of a mile to come to a halt. It had already begun blowing its whistle a good 26 seconds before the crash. Actor William Hunt, who was playing Allman, along with the rest of the crew, are seen to be frantically making an attempt to save themselves moments before impact. The shooting was taking place in on a trestle in rural Georgia. Joyce Gillard, the hairstylist was also struck by the train on that fated day of February 20 this year. Having suffered multiple fractures herself, she recalls seeing Sarah’s body immediately after the impact – completely unrecognizable.

The Jones’ attorney, Jeff Harris also commented on the lawsuit filed against many involved with the movie. Having dropped charges against Open Road Films, Lehmann and Allman, Harris commented that after resorting to an extensive legal review of all information available, it was concluded that they were not involved in any way with any decision that may have led to Sarah’s untimely death. The fact that the crew did not receive the email containing refusal of permission to shoot only emerged recently. Miller, the director has been charged with criminal trespass and involuntary manslaughter is set to face trial. The news show reported to have found another location in the vicinity where the scene could have been shot with train traffic shut down.

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