Breathtaking airports around the world

Amazing, beautiful and breathtaking views of some of the world’s airports which will blow your mind away and create a world of fantasy, imagination and for some it might be a bit creepy. These mega structures have caught the attention of many travelers and enthusiasts because of their location and special uniqueness associated with each of them.

World’s most preferred and used means of transport across countries, whether intra country travel or inter country travel is through air, i.e. flight. It has its own advantages with time and economy. Add to it, there are some airports that give you amazing and truly splendid experience that could be remembered for years. 

1. Kansai International Airport Built on Osaka Bay, this airport in Japan is a manmade island specially made for the airport as land area is very less in Japan. Commuters can take car, train or else ferries to reach the airport from the main island of Honshu. This gigantic structure is so large that it is viewable from space too. Engineers took almost all the factors into account while building this airport but a recent study suggests that they didn’t factored in global warming. As rising sea levels pose a very potential threat to its existence as per the study, it is suggested that 50 years down the line, this very airport might be under water.

2. Madeira International Airport – This engineer marvel is built in the beautiful Portugal island Madeira, which is far away from the coast. It’s not the airport design or architecture which is breathtaking, it is the runway which can take away anyone’s mind. As per the international standards, the original runway was far short of what exactly it should be to land a plane of 747 jumbo sizes. To make it ideal for international flights to delimit the risk involved, engineers built a massive bridge which is 3000 feet long and 590 feet wide is supported by over 200 pillars. Now the runway stretches more than 9000 feet and very easily accommodates 747 jumbo aircraft for landing. The runway has been conferred with Outstanding Structure Award.

3. Courchevel International Airport – You might have heard of ice runway in Antarctica, now this airport is as amazing as ice runway. It was exclusively built to reach the iconic Courchevel ski resort. To reach to the resort it requires one to cross over French Alps and then make a scar landing at the runway which is 1700 feet but astonishingly has a large hill at middle of air strip. So it becomes like to take off plane goes downhill and to land it is uphill. Risks associated with this airport are many and therefore it requires pilots to undergo a specially designed certification before they embark to conquer one of the dangerous strips in world.

4. Hong Kong International Airport – When the original international airport of Hong Kong was surrounded by high rise structures near to it and which had the runway slowly immersed in sea water a decision to have a replacement was taken and that’s how the present day international airport of Hong Kong in Chek Lap Kok was born. Like Japan’s Kansai airport, this airport is also built on an island though not man made. In fact two islands and some re-claimed land is merged which gave a rise to new mega island. What is also unique about this airport is that it boasts of a luxury golf course and a mega structure of a massive expo building which stands in parallel to the runway. Ranked among the busiest of airports, this international airport of Hong Kong is certainly an engineering mega structure.

5. Qamdo Bangda Airport – What would be one’s experience to land or take off at the world’s highest altitude airport? This airport in Qamdo of Tibet sits at more than 14,000 feet above sea level which really is very steep and high. Another salient feature of this airport is the size of its runway which is almost 3.5 miles that equals to 61 football fields. But according to engineers and specialist pilots this mega runway is very important for safety measures while takeoff and landing at this height because the speed difference would be enormous when compared while landing or takeoff the same plane at regular runways.

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