Bizarre Eating Habits

Extremely weird and totally bizarre eating habits of people from several different areas located around the world

If you think you have weird eating habits, wait until you see what these people eat!

There are many different cultures around the world who specialize in unique cultural cuisines, specific to their beliefs and traditions, but how do you explain the people who choose to devour products that are not food at all?  “In fact, there are people who ingest items, substances, objects, and other non-food products- some that are not even considered to be edible. The term “pica” is the name for a condition that describes a person who persistently consumes substances or other non-food products that have no nutritional value. Some people do it because they find it comforting. Others use it as a coping mechanism. There are even those people who developed the bizarre habit after suffering a stressful or traumatic event. These are the stories of some of the people who have the “pica” condition.

1.) The scarfer of scorpions- In most places, people fear scorpions. Scorpions are terrestrial arthropods with lobster-like pincers. They also have a poisonous stinger located on the tip of their jointed tails. The smallest ones, which have the most venom, will sting you until they deplete their venom supply. Apparently, the venom is what 58-year-old Li Liuqun form China is addicted to eating. Liuqun claims he can eat up to 30 venomous scorpions in one sitting. His story began after he was stung by a scorpion one day. It made him so angry that he picked up the scorpion and bit off its head. Liuqun described the scorpion as having a nutty and sweet taste. He thought it was delicious, and he has been eating them ever since. The doctors in China believe that Liuqun has developed an immunity to, and has also become highly addicted to the taste of scorpion venom.

2.) The human gas guzzler- If this guy lived near you, it would probably be a good idea to get yourself a lock on your gas cap. While there are people who steal gas, this Chinese man actually drinks it. While some people may start their day with a cup of coffee, 71-year-old Chen Jejun starts his days by drinking gasoline. His gasoline habit has him ingesting nearly 3.5 liters of petrol each month. In 1969 Chen came down with some chest pain and a rough cough. The elders in the village he lived in recommended that he take some kerosene to soothe his symptoms. He took their advice, and the very next day his symptoms were gone and he felt normal again. However, after that first taste of kerosene, he hasn’t been able to stop. Over the past 42 years, Chen’s addiction to gasoline has caused him to drink nearly 1.5 tons of gasoline. It has also cost him his marriage and his family after his wife and children unsuccessfully tried to get him to quit.  Eventually Chen was forced to move out on his own where he can now indulge in his gasoline addiction as much as he wants to. Experts believe that the reason Chen has not perished is because over so many years, his body has built up a tolerance to the harsh substance.

3.) Party of Foam- You might want to make sure you either hide or cover your furniture before having 31-year-old Adele Edwards over to your house for a visit. The Florida woman has been unzipping the cushions from sofas, loveseats, lounge chairs, and other furniture and munching on the foam inside of them. Taking the foam pieces outside and rubbing them in the dirt is her favorite way of preparing her bizarre cuisine. She claims that her foam-eating addiction began when she was 10 years old. She started doing it as a coping mechanism after witnessing the rough divorce of her parents. Since then, it has escalated into a full-on addiction. Nowadays, Edwards devours an average of 7 couches and 3 pillows each year. Doctors are concerned that her bizarre condition may eventually cause her an untimely death. Edwards was diagnosed with an iron deficiency after having stayed in the hospital for a week for intestinal blockage. She has now begun taking iron supplements and hopes they help to curb her foam-eating habits.


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