Archeological Discoveries that will Spook you out

There have been many discoveries in archeology which have changed our perception from time to time as scientists comes up with new revelations every time a fossil or anything related is found.

1. The Vampire of Venice Though commonly regarded as city of love, Venice is also one of those place which are attributed with some fossil remains that suggests the mythical creature did actually exist. Remains of the skull found had a brick that was pushed with such force that the jaws were broken. This was a practice to ascertain whether the suspect is a vampire or not.

2. Egyptian Dog Burial – In the royal monuments of Egypt, archeologists found a very breathtaking burial of two dogs in Abydos under a large mud-brick structure. Inside the two large ceramic pots, the two dogs named Chewie and Houdini were well preserved that their fur largely almost intact and in good condition. Though this sought of sites are quite common but the remarkable and noticeable feature of this discovery is the burial of dogs in ceramic pots that dates back to 3000 years.

3. Yeti DNA This will prove the theory and the existence of Yeti which is also known as Bigfoot and also as Sasquatch. Bryan Sykes, genetics professor at Oxford University collected some samples from Bhutan and also from various regions in the Himalayas and conducted marathon tests and experiments that prove that these sample completely match with an ancient polar bear’s jawbone which was found in Norway and dates back to 40,000 and 120,000 years. It was then suggested that according to these samples brown bear is a descendant from ancient polar bear. Yeti’s theory came into existence as it is believed that brown bear had behavior which was not as same as of normal bears, and the legend was conceived.

4. Children of Llullaillaco – Discovered in 1999 layered within a tomb inside a shrine which is very near to Llullaillaco volcano in Argentina, these three Incan children were being sacrificed and their remains is dated back to 500 years. All three mummies are in healthy condition which is govern from the fact that their organs consisting of heart and lungs still contains some blood and also their skins is near-perfect with facial features are unscathed. Capacocha, a religious ritual in which children are sacrificed, prevailed and the remains are related to it as study also reveals that they were poisoned before their sacrifice was made.

5. Woolly Mammoth In one of the remote areas of Siberian desert in Russia, a baby female woolly mammoth was found in 2010. Astonishingly the carcass was discovered in near perfect condition though some pieces of legs and torso were missing still had its fur completely attached to the body and even the tissues of muscles were in healthy condition. Nicknamed as Yuka, the baby mammoth is found to be 39,000 years old and fascinatingly contains some preserved blood which according to scientists would be used to study their DNA that may help in discovering various artifacts for possible future cloning. 

6. The First Leper – Found in the year of 2009 in India, this 4,000 years old skeleton is the earliest evidence of fatal disease of leprosy. Since it was discovered in India, it is believed that the disease was migrated between two continents of Asia and Africa when the urbanization and new routes for trade between the continents were in full swing.

7. Prehistoric Pickled Brain – This unique and fascinating discovery was found in UK. Traces go back to Iron Age in somewhere around 2,684 years. This man was hanged and also decapitated and was put in waterlogged peat bog. This liquid preserved his brain and thus became the oldest known brain that is completely intact among many discoveries across Asia and Europe. A rather bizarre but very important discovery among all.

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