1996 ‘Independence Day’ set to release a sequel in June 2016

The thrilling sci-fi film, ‘Independence Day’ that came out way back in 1996, is all set to make a comeback with its sequel. 

The film had rocked the film industry as well as the box office and it is all set to repeat history once again. The film that had truly been a sensation, now has millions of fans hoping for a second installment. The 20th Century Fox has finally given the green signal to start working on the second film. It approved the production of the sci-fi film’s sequel on the 26th of November. Production for the second part may start as early as May 2015 for a release date of 24th of June, 2016, which makes it a two decade gap between the two installments. All that said, you can begin your countdown now!


The producer of the first installment, Ronald Emmerich, has been approached to produce the second installment. Emmerich has been approached without a doubt because of the triumph of his first installment which set the mark for a sci-fi thriller in the box office. Fox wants everything to go as smoothly as planned and there’s no better choice than Roland Emmerich, who has proved his worth in the original ‘Independence Day’. The cast will be finalized once the deal with Emmerich is finalized. The script has already been prepared and Fox is certain that Ronald Emmerich is the right man for the job. Rumors have implied that Will Smith won’t be assuming his lead role as Captain Steven Hiller for the sequel. But you never know, Emmerich might want to have his captain back. The producer of the original ‘Independence Day’, Dean Devlin had tweeted on Wednesday saying that Roland Emmerich, Harold Kloser and he are set to produce the sequel.

The plot has not been revealed yet, but the alien invasion classic can be expected to involve heroes, explosions and aliens. Keep yourselves updated on new developments as they happen and look out for any teasers, trailers or leaks on the Internet regarding the exciting plot which is bound to be packed with thrill, drama and spell disasters!


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