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The colors bring a special spice to our lives, especially attractive hair colors. When we want to change the look, we usually get a new hair color! Although there are many options, we think that not all colors favor us. The first thing you have to do is to determine the color of your skin, which is the best way to find the perfect hair color for you. We help you to find the right hair color that best suits your features.

If your skin was a season, it would be: spring, summer, fall or winter? The answer depends not only on your ethnic background or on your complexion. Having hair color that suits you best is very handy. At the end of the day, no one wants to look tired, pale or older because of a color change. The following descriptions will help you discover the color and tones that will enhance your style and your face.

The hair color for spring skins

Complexion: The skin is clear, transparent, has shades of gold or peach color. This type of skin blushes easily and often has freckles.

Eye Color: The eyes have a clear blue or green tone. Sometimes, the iris has some golden dots.

Hair Color: Blond is the most often. Some spring skins have dark or reddish hair.

Hair colors for spring skins: Nature endows spring skins with golden color. You should avoid the ash tones and choose warm colors. Ideal options are golden blond, honey blonde and golden brown. You can also choose red tones like gold Venetian red. The medium brown warm tones are also very flattering. Avoid darker colors that do not favor anything to this skin type.

The hair color for summer skins

Complexion: The summer skin has a rosy tone with blond and purple hues.

Eye Color: Normally, eyes are blue, green or gray blue.

Hair Color: The natural hair color is blond and brown. Its base could be some ash tone.

Hair color for summer skins: A silver or platinum blonde streaks can add radiance to hair. Some lowlights of two tones on top may also bring you more luminosity.

If you decide to dye your hair, ash blond, brown ash or platinum blond are your colors. If you prefer a reddish, you can choose from Bordeaux or mauve. You have to avoid red mahogany, copper and golden blond shades because these colors will make you look older.

Hair color for autumn skins

Complexion: The skin color can be clear or have a darker tan tone. In any case, the skin has a golden yellow hue. Autumn skin has freckles sometimes.

Eye Color: All green, blue and turquoise tones. Pale blue eyes are not very common.

Hair Color: The hair can be dark brown with reddish tones with shades ranging from copper to mahogany.

Hair color for autumn skins: You can accentuate the color of your hair with red and copper tones. All warm brown and golden brown or coppery gold are very flattering. If you want to dye your hair to blond, you have to pick a golden blond shade and avoid ash blond. A good alternative are coppery red streaks. The blond streaks will look artificial!

Hair color for winter skins

Complexion: The skin may be very clear. So much that sometimes you can distinguish some greenish or blood vessels. In all cases, this type of skin is bluish and cold glare. Many people of Asian origin have this type.

Eye Color: Dark brown, gray, blue or bright green. The eye color contrasts sharply comparing to the white of the eye.

Hair color: Its natural color is black or medium brown.

Hair color for winter skins: As the hair usually has warm natural tones, simply highlight its luster. If you want to highlight your natural color, choose a bright bluish black tone. The colors of the same shade as your natural color will enhance your beauty and shine.

To determine easily what your perfect hair color is, brush your hair backwards and put a towel around the neck and over the shoulders. Now look in the mirror. If your skin has light yellow tones, you have a warm complexion. If you have light blue tones, you have the cold complexion.

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