Weird Ways to pay for The College in the college is not always regular procedure for everyone. Here are some most weird ways students used to pay their college fees.

Need to pay for the college? Some weirdest yet interesting ways used so far.....

 1.    The Cheerleader who sued her parents for paying her college tuition

A New Jersey high school senior Rachel Canning of Lincoln Park sued her parents. Accused them of tossing her out of the family home when she turned 18 and refused to pay for her private high school and college education. She even asked them to pay her legal bills.
Cheerleader who sued her parents

2.     The Pastor stole from Church to pay his children’s college tuition:

A pastor in Colorado Springs, Colorado was sentenced for 4 years’ probation for using money from his church trust fund to pay for his two children’s college education. Rev. Donald Armstrong misappropriated as much as $99,000 from a Grace Church trust fund which was originally set up to pay for the education of seminary students.

3.     The New York University Student Lived in library for months to afford college

New York University sophomore spent eight months sleeping in the library basement because he was not able to afford the campus housing. Steve Stanzak, said he began spending six hours a night in the sub-basement of Bobst Library at the beginning of the academic year after he was unable to pay a $1,000 housing deposit.
NYU student Lived in library for months to afford college

4.     The Wisconsin college student who eats to pay for tuition

Computer engineering student Eric Dahl now ranks third in the world of competitive eating as determined by All Pro Eating rankings, though he once held the top spot. Dahl has earned more than $18,000 in prize money or merchandise to help pay for his education.

Wisconsin college student who eats to pay for tuition

5.     The college student who crowd-sourced his tuition at $4 a pop:

Corey Arvinger, a student of Howard university found out that he owed the school $14,000 while finishing up his 4th semester. He thought if he could get 4,000 people to give him $4, He could go back to school. So with the help from his friend Arvinger created the website to share his story and ask for donations to pay off his debt and go back to Howard. Major Websites such as The Huffington Post, USA Today College, The Root Live, Greensboro News & Record & HBCU Digest, picked up the story and he finally reached his goal.

student who crowd-sourced his tuition

6.     The two Ohio students robbed a bank to pay for college

In 2007, two Ohio students were sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbing a bank at gunpoint. When caught, they claimed they needed the money for college tuition.

7.     The grad student who dances for dollars

Jason Hopkins didn’t even know about how to dance when he was the student body president at his high school, but when he was put in charge of promoting a school dance, he rented Saturday Night Fever and learned all of John Travolta’s moves. He had no idea at that moment that it would earn him around $10,000 a year and would help him through grad school.
grad student who dances for dollars



8.     The University of Colorado Student paid tuition fees in $1 bills

Colorado Student paid tuition fees in $1 billsNic Ramos's tuition payment for his 2011 spring semester weighed 30 pounds, because The University of Colorado-Boulder economics student decided to pay his $14,309.51 charge in $1 bills and a 50-cent piece, and a penny. He wanted to bring awareness to how much an education costs for non-residents and residents alike.
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