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In the calculation, it was thought that the subsidiary monster discoveries were forming a resolved idea and definitive theory of the universe. However, progressive than epoch, it has been avowed that the more we know, the more questions arise, and scientists reach not reach a decision that we are stuffy to the decrease of systematic. To find the portion for how perplexing it is all more or less us, we will allocate know you some mysteries of physics that have not still been unmodified and are surely appealing. Undoubtedly, these unresolved mysteries of physics are in fact appealing and it seems that science should offer a deferential admission a lot to succeed. 

1. Does period always shake up speak to? - Theoretically, the era always moves concentrate on. The cause is a property of situation called entropy, which describes the level of disease of the particles in the universe. This movement is irreversible. However, an enigma remains unsolved by scientists: if at the start the universe was a large amount of stored dynamism in a enormously little impression, how is it reachable that level of entropy was as a result low, but the universe was still as a consequences ordered ?

2. What is dark matter? - Dark matter is one substance that neither absorbs nor emits radiation, as its name suggests. It cannot be seen directly, but scientists know about its existence by the gravitational effect it has on known matter and structure of the universe. It is believed that it consists of weakly interacting massive particles, although these have not yet been detected.

3. What is dark energy? - It should not be connected to dark matter. Dark energy is considered by physicists after knowing of seemingly illogical universe, where, because of gravity, should not be producing of spatiotemporal accelerated expansion. Dark energy is a possible element that counteracts the gravitational force. According to observations, this energy represents 70% of the content of the universe, but neither has been detected.

4. Why is there more matter than antimatter? - It is a fact that there is more matter than its opposite, antimatter. If not, you would not be reading this writing, because loads of particles would have annihilated. And yet, here we are, we and the stars. For what strange reason there was an excess of matter that is not annihilated in the formation of the universe? It is a question that science cannot answer.

5. What about parallel universes? - Apparently, the space-time is curved rather than flat infinite extension. Scientists hypothesize that it is possible that what we call the universe is one among infinite spaces. Since, according to the laws of quantum physics, the configuration of the particles within each space is finite. That provision must necessarily be repeated, which means that there are infinite parallel universes.

6. Where are we going? - A key question for science is where we are going. Scientists believe that the fate of the universe depends on a factor, as well unknown, which measures the density of matter and energy in the cosmos. Assuming that factor is greater than unity, the universe would be a sphere. If there is no dark energy we talked about before, the universe will stop expanding and tend to shrink, collapsing on itself. However, if there is such energy, the universe will continue to expand infinitely.

7. What predictions can be made in the chaotic events? - Being so complex and chaotic, events of the universe, such as the behavior of fluids, whether water, air or gas are simply unpredictable. It is very difficult to make probable predictions about these elements. But, physicists are still unsure about whether there is an inherent inability to find order in chaos or is that we just have not found the mathematical tools necessary to correctly predict issues like climate.

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