Strange parking lots and spaces

Though this space is not so talked about their architecture or services or any uniqueness that can be associated with them, but there are some parking lots and spaces which are worth mentioning that how a place which is boring, tacky and dark could become an attraction for many. 


1. Car Silos at the Autostadt Basically a car museum, built in Germany at Volkswagen headquarters. It overlooks an amusement park developed on automobile theme. The park includes driving courses and tour to car factory. Visitors can park their vehicles at an automated glass tower that looks like a beehive of parked cars. It also houses cars for rent which can be used for the whole day spent at the park. Once the visitors are done for the day and head back to their destination, their vehicles come to the waiting lounge automatically by swiping of a smart parking card allotted while parking the vehicle. This is technology at its best use.

2. Lincoln Road – Its architects are world famous for their splendid and architecture marvel built as Bird’s Nest for Olympics of 2008 in Beijing. Made of a whopping budget of $70 million, architects Herzog and de Meuron have created this wonderful parking lot that has capacity for 300 cars that can be parked. Based in one of the busiest beach of Miami, this parking lot has in-house retail shops on every floor, roof top restaurants with view of Miami skyline and ocean. More importantly it is a complete glass design and has been made energy efficient by incorporating maximum and efficient use of natural light and air.

3. Umihotaru the Floating Car Park – Located in Tokyo, Japan and built on an artificial island of Umihotaru. The structure resembles of that a cruise sailing on sea water. Offering beautiful panoramic view of Tokyo, this parking has everything what one needs while commuting through aqua-line which is the country’s longest underwater tunnel and stopping for a halt or break from a long drive. The parking lot contains retail shops, cafeterias and art emporium that make this parking lot as one of many tourist attractions in the city and country alike.

4. Michigan Theatre – This is a perfect example of how to collateral damage. This mega and gigantic building was a landmark and a pioneer in theatre business when the city of Detroit was booming with surplus economy. This theatre is at the site where the first car was built by Henry Ford. In turbulent times after 1976, it was decided to demolish the building as it was not possible to run it in compounding losses. But before the demolition could take place, it was observed that bringing the building down could have a major impact on adjacent buildings because of its gigantic structure. It was then decided that instead of demolishing it, a parking garage could be created. Engineers then made a plan to make a garage that houses legacy cars. For this they had to remove mezzanine and balcony to make a way for the cars to be parked, thus architects and engineers avoided this landmark building go into oblivion by demolishing it.

5. Robotic Parking Garage – This is another technology and architecture marvel of modern times and it is located in the city of Burj Khalifa that is Dubai in United Arab Emirates. This is world’s largest automated and robotic parking lot which is capable of handling 250 cars in an hour that means park-in and park-out. This parking garage has a capacity parking for 765 cars. Though from outside it given an illusion like it is just another parking lot with single level parking but once entered then only one can realize its use of technology and engineering. Completely automated makes it use all the available slots for parking and even while bringing the car out from the garage makes it very easy. Though the disadvantage is it requires a hefty sum required for its maintenance.

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