‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

Some criminals are crazy enough to take selfie with crime and which helped the officials to solve their crime…

Talking about Selfie, we all start to think about the social media likes. But beware, you craze can lend you into jail.

1. Thank you for Selfie, says the Police

            Halmstad, Sweden witnessed a robbery in a burger joint of 400$. Two unidentified teens were the suspects. Having known that, the K-9 found the teenage girls in their grandparents’ house. They could have made their way out of it- had they not taken a Selfie posing as robbers with a large kitchen knife in hand.

‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

2. When Pop Star Rihanna found herself in trouble for posting a Selfie
            While a little vacation in Phuket, Thailand, Rihanna posted a Selfie with a protected species creature slow Lorie, which is a cute, blue-eyed animal. When the photo was posted online, it created a lot of buzz. So much that the local police had to take the matter into their hands. They chased down the suspects who possessed the animal and rescued two of them. These suspects were charged with the illegal possession of a protected species and may end up in jail for as long as 4 years.

‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

3. Drug Mule Busted by the Selfie
            A Drug dealer caught himself on camera while kissing the bank notes. Cocky Peter Cavanagh, was part of a mob who were drug dealers. While coming back to London after successful drug delivery, Cavanagh took a few pictures of himself with the banknotes and kissing them. But the fate turned when police busted two of the gang’s female members which led them to Cavanagh. The picture of him with the bank notes was enough for the police.
‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

4. Busted for online Prison Break
            Two prisoners forced a police inquiry when they boasted about an easy life on Facebook. This happened when no cell phones are allowed in prison. Sonny Barker and Korrel Kennedy posted photos of them in their cell with a TV, playstation, a mini fridge, a sound system, a mountain of snacks and poster of topless woman. Now these prisoners have been stripped off their perks and moved into solitary cells. It is possible that they may be transferred to a tougher jail in near future.
‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

5. Killing Selfie
            Aaron Harnandez, who is a former tight end for New England Patriots, posted a Selfie with a Glock handgun in one hand and a camera phone at the altar. Aaron Harnandez was accused of killing another athlete named Odin Lloyed, who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancée. Harnandez was accused in three cases and charged for the illegal possession of a firearm and so on.
‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

6. Suspect of Mass Embezzlement took a Selfies bathing with cash
            Napoles, a U.S. resident, who put her Ritz Carlton for sale on 1.475$ million and her house back in Philippines for $33,000 has a long history of posting pictures about her abundant life. But when her mother, who was accused of helping the parliament for mass embezzlement, was supposed here the verdict, Napoles was seen as a disgusted figure among the normal citizens. Napoles is said to be living a rich life when most of her countrymen are struggling for simple needs.
‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

7. Taken a Picture, Sent to Jail
            Albert Wilson, 19, and his friends robbed a 16 years old boy and fled away. After a while, Wilson took a picture of himself in the stolen phone, unknowing that the phone is set to send all the pictures to the rightful owner via email. After seeing the picture, the boy went to the police who snatched Albert Wilson.
‘Selfies’ that solved crimes

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