People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

Even dead people lives in with some living ones…prodigious isn’t it?

Speaking of the dead, we have an eerie feeling. But there are people who cannot let go their relatives even after their death.

1. A Man Who was Always there for His Wife
West Roxbury witnessed a death in 1993, but it wasn't a typical death at all. After the funeral, everyone left the cemetery but her husband. Rockey Abalsamo stayed with his wife's grave enduring all the extremities of the nature. After death, he lies next to her like even death itself can't tear them apart. 

People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

2. Share a Bed Once, Share a Bed Forever
 A Man in Vietnam sleeps with his wife's remains. According to the man, when his wife passed away, he couldn't cope with the loss of his soul mate, so he dug up her remains and molded them in a human shaped gypsum. The man said to media that he is doing this to train her to return to her previous incarnation.
People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

3. A Man's Body Preserved for Almost As Long as He Lived
Joni Bakaradze died at 18, 22 years ago, but his body is still kept from burial by his family. His mom used to do different types of embalming to keep the body from turning black. Initially, she was using spirit, but now she's using vodka. Joni, citizen if Georgia, gets this treatment so that his son who was two years old at the time of his death can see him. 

People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

4. Sleep to Get Him Company
 Adriana Villarreal, confessed to Argentine media in 2012 that she shared bed with her late husband in his mausoleum for a few nights in the previous year. Sergio Yee, 28, committed suicide in 2010, after that his wife built the mausoleum with the money he saved to build a house. The mausoleum has a bed, radio, a computer with internet connection and a small cooker. 
People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

5. The Mummy Returns
Think you know it all? Think again. It’s a bit easy to leave beside an embalming body but not beside a decomposing body. So here goes, a 79-year-old man died in Belgium in 2012, but his wife was so shocked with her loss that she never reported about it. This continued till a year when the police were called by their landlord because they failed to pay their rent for a year. The body was mummified.
People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

6. Mummy Mom
A man called Claudio Alferi, 58, was found dead in his house in January 2014, but more shocking thing was a woman's dried out body wrapped in a plastic bag. The Forensic experts later concluded that the woman was Alferi’s mother who was last seen in early 2000s. Her body was kept by Claudio, who kept on insisting their acquaintances that she's well and alive.
People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

7. Wrap me up
A man in Malaysia kept his wife's decomposing body in their living room for as long as 35 days. He only filed a police complaint when the stench was unbearable. According to the officials, their 16 years old son knew about his mother’s death but he gave his father the duty of declaring it. Every time anyone asked about his wife, the man made vague statements.
People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

8. Don’t Dump Dad, At Least for His Money
 A man named Christopher Blackburn was jailed in 2012 for keeping his father's body to get benefits. He kept his father's body from burial from October, 2010 to March, 2012. Christopher was jailed for three years. 
People Who Live With Their Dead Relatives

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