Is YouTube SEO the Next Big Thing?

If you feel that you are not receiving enough views on your YouTube videos, then ask yourself the following question: Have you incorporated search engine optimization for your videos? The reason to as why people are not viewing your videos or subscribing to you may be because they cannot find your channel in the first place, impairing your ranking in search results. This article describes four ways by which you can boost your videos in order to achieve a higher ranking in YouTube search results.

The Importance of YouTube Search

100 hours’ worth of YouTube videos are uploaded in a single minute. On an average day, the site can attract a maximum of 30 million visitors. YouTube is the ultimate place to go if you are in search of a video. Aside from being the biggest provider of videos on the internet, YouTube is one of the most major search engines and is second only to Google, which happens to be its parent company.
If you can successfully achieve the publicity and viewer traffic YouTube is capable of providing, your channel and your videos could reach the first page of YouTube’s search results. However, the harsh truth is that there is an incredible amount of competition. There are millions of top-quality videos that benefit from professional editing and meticulously tailored SEO.
YouTube goes by ranking factors similar to Google that decide which videos appear as the highest on the corresponding search results page, or SERP. YouTube analyzes the view count, how long viewers watch the video for in comparison to its total length, and how many likes and comments it has accumulated. Other factors that have an effect are the number of times users have added the video to a playlist, how frequently it is added to a playlist or a user’s favorites, and the number of times it has been imbedded on an external website.
To accomplish the high stats YouTube aims to find, you will need to optimize your content to help people find your video and encourage them to watch it. This is not just a reference to the content in the video itself; there are the title, tags, description, and keywords to take into consideration.
You need to exert a lot of thought and effort if your goal is to make your YouTube channel appear on the front page of YouTube search results. Even so, you can give it your best now that you know what YouTube requires.

The following list explains four ways to help your videos climb up to the top.
1.     Choose Effective Keywords
You may already have an understanding about the importance of keywords. Choosing appropriate keywords is the key to improving your video’s visibility in the search results. The later the page it appears on, the less likely people are to come across it.
YouTube offers plenty of features, but one thing it cannot do is examine your video’s content and generate keywords on your behalf. Thus, you need to create your own keywords. For added assistance in selecting the most efficient keywords, the YouTube Keyword Tool can help you find less commonly used keywords which have little competition as a result.
Keywords are a way of letting YouTube know whether or not your video is relevant, as well as informing your viewers on what your video focuses on. Ensure that your keywords can be found in your title, tags, and description. Generally, you should add anywhere around 10 tags such as the video’s category and content, as well as any people and places that appear in the video.
2.     Incorporate Keywords in your Title
A title should fully express what viewers can expect your video to be about. However, this is a lot more challenging than it may seem. This is because a long title may not catch a person’s attention, and a short title may not be specific enough and a person would not know if it matches what they are looking for.
A recommended title length is 120 characters. This way, it is neither so long that people would ignore it, nor is it too short to note what your video contains. When creating a title, a keyword or phrase should probably be at the beginning. This is especially recommended if you a planning on making a video series.
3.     Use Keywords to Optimize Your Description
As you type the description for your video, make sure it comes across as natural when you integrate keywords. The description should flow smoothly and not appear as if it was forced. Using keywords too many times in your description in a way that it resembles spam may come across as annoying to viewers, thus having a negative impact on your video’s visibility in the SERP.
4.     Edit the Video Thumbnail
The video thumbnail is vital due to the fact that it is the first thing a person will see when they find your video. It needs to be impressive and impactful.
Adding your own thumbnail is always a better option than letting YouTube automatically generate screenshot from your video. Poor quality images from random points of your video are not attractive and may ward off viewers. It is worth putting time into creating your own eye-catching thumbnail that also lets people understand what the video’s topic is. It is recommended that the thumbnail has a dimension of 1280 x 720 and is in a widescreen aspect ratio.

Determining the most accurate keywords and including them in your title, tags, and description—in addition to adding your own thumbnail—have a huge impact towards the success and popularity of your YouTube videos.
You can enjoy even more publicity by advertising your video across the internet, such as on social media, so that many more people will know about it. If your video is available on various websites, people will have a higher chance of seeing it, and they may even post it on their own sites. Links and imbeds like these will make a boost in your position on SERP even further.
Now, the only thing you need to do is make a great video; but that is one of the simplest steps to take.
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