Creator Reveals Secrets About "Boardwalk Empire" Finale

Terence Winter is the creator of the crime and drama television series, Boardwalk Empire. The series has now ended after nearly five years, but now Winter has revealed some secrets that few people knew, as well as a few of his personal thoughts about the series. The information he has revealed contains spoilers, so it is not recommended for fans of the show who have not yet watched every episode.
Nucky, the main character, actually paid for just one particular sin, which was what led to his death on his boardwalk. This may be apparent to people who have watched every episode since the very beginning. However, his death was not a symbol of justice; Winter has stated that sometimes good things happen to bad people and that bad things happen to good people, because the world isn’t always a fair place.
A slightly unnerving thing Winter said was related to a message in the series. He stated that even though the characters of Boardwalk Empire have done terrible things, they are meant to be so that the viewers of the show can relate to them in some way. He said that most people think that they would never personally do the things that gangsters do, but you never know. He admitted that he might have taken part in bootlegging during the 1920s because a lot of other people were doing the same.
In one of the scenes of the series, Nucky is taking his last walk before he dies. He sees a woman who asks him to have a look at the future. Nucky asks her if she is in it, and she gives a mysterious answer, saying that she is both there and not there. Nucky goes into a dark tent and there is an electric screen, which shows poor-quality, black and white images of someone singing a nursery rhyme. This is the introduction to a television; Nucky is seeing what advancements lie ahead in the future, but he will not be able to experience them because he will die soon.
Winter has stated that he was glad that this scene was in the series because of the message, which portrays about knowing about the future, but not being able to be in it. He also said that there were other things considered to be put into the show, but they were not; he said that he was actually glad they were not.

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