Being more active could extend your life!

The benefits of doing exercise has been well documented and widely publicized for many years. However a new study states that being inactive and leading a sedentary lifestyle could in fact be more deadly than obesity. This is quite alarming since 31.1% of the world’s population leads a sedentary lifestyle and don’t get enough exercise. It is estimated that of the 9.2 million deaths in the EU, 337000 are linked to obesity. Shockingly enough, the number of deaths associated with lack of exercise is actually double that amount. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause various illnesses including anxiety, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes and many more.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report in January 2014, which stated that becoming more active could reduce the risk of premature and preventable death considerably and could have significant health benefits for individuals. Being fit and lean therefore has more benefits than simply looking and feeling great, it could literally prolong your life.  Even a small amount of exercise such as a 20 minute brisk walk a day could make a huge difference and prolong your life.

This recent study, headed by Prof. Ekelund, concluded that simply increasing your physical activity level reasonably, could play a vital role in lowering your chances of early death. Data that supports this study was collected from 334,000 participants during a period of 12 years in Europe. Factors such as self-reported levels of physical activity, weight and height and waist circumference was measured by the study and compared. The risk of early or preventable death could be reduced by as much as 30% it was concluded, simply by adding an exercise that burns from 90 to 110 calories a day. Gardening for only an hour a day could burn as much as 365 calories and walking your dog up to 230 calories after an hour. Increasing your daily aerobic activity has plenty of advantages such as, improved mental and immune function, increased energy and alertness, the strengthening of muscles and bones and a reduced risk of chronic diseases.  A senior clinical nutritionist, Samantha Heller, is quoted as saying: “If we do not move, we will not be able to move”.

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