Anti-stress drugs might cure baldness from California University discovered a remedy against baldness unexpectedly. They have been researching an influence of anti-stress drugs for alimentary track. They have used genetically transmogrified mice in their experiments which was suffered on a glut of stress hormone Corticotrophin releasing factor (CFR). 
The mice got an injection of drug which blocks the effect of CRF. After three months, the scientist did the gastroenterological exam of the mice. There was a genetic transmogrification found. The hair was grown all on the mice from both groups. The recovery was too significant that surprised the scientist as well as the effect of the drug was too long. 
The drug was tested on mice till now. Yet it is unclear that the effect would be same for a human being or there will be some reaction or else. There are still some hopes that the drug may work on the humans as it was on the mice. The drug against baldness for the humans now was tested on the mice before and the results were same quite modest and nothing special. The thing is stress hormone exists in the human skin as in them mice. So the assumptions are made to reasonable conclusion that it might be possible that the mice and humans have the same mechanism of baldness.

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