2015 top fitness trends named by ACSM

The 2015 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends has been released by the ACSM

(American College of Sports Medicine). It revealed that the top spot was claimed from

training in high-intensity internals in last year by body-weight training. Fads such as

balance training, Pilates, and Zumba did not get into the top 20.

Every year, thousands of professionals in fitness are canvassed by the ACSM and a report is

released which lists the top trends of fitness all over the world. According to the

introduction in the survey for 2015, the aim is to assist the fitness and health industry

make very significant decisions of investment for development and growth in the future

while passing fads which do not possess staying power are dismissed. Walter Thompson

the survey author and a Georgia State University nutrition and kinesiology professor wrote

that those decisions must be based on trends that were emerging and embraced by

professionals in fitness and health and not the latest innovation in exercise which were

being promoted during TV at late-night or the endorsement of a product by a hot celebrity.

Personal training, strength training, using fitness professionals, high-intensity interval

training, body-weight training rounded out the positions in the top five. Activities in the

outdoor, a category that includes climbing, kayaking, and hiking was number 12. This

category has been in an upward trend since it debuted in 2010 at the 25th position.

According to the survey, the increase is as a result of personal trainers beginning to involve

more programs of the outdoor in their routines. Boot camps similar to the one that was

endured by T.J. Murphy when he enrolled in a camp of three days for Kokoro in the early

part of the year ended up at position number 20.

Some respondents of the survey feel that the increasing popularity of boot camps and

training with body-weights which are cheap relatively and do not require much

equipment is as a result of the economy stagnating. An exercise like cycling indoors may

appear to be not so appealing for people on a budget because it needs a stationary bike that

costs several hundreds of dollars.

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