Samantha Bee’s Fierce, Fiery Feminism Anchors ‘Full Frontal’

In the cold open of “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” her new weekly show Mondays on TBS, Ms. Bee addressed the elephant in the man cave.

Samantha Bee’s Fierce, Fiery Feminism Anchors ‘Full Frontal’
Samantha Bee during the premiere of “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” which debuted on TBS Monday night. : TBS

The sketch had her taking questions at a news conference, all of which had to do with the challenges of hosting the show as a woman. (“How can I watch your show as a man?” one person asked.) Her secret, she said, was “hard work, a great team, maybe just a little bit of magic” — and the scene cut to Ms. Bee at the center of a horror-movie occult ritual: “We’re all witches!”

On the off chance that the setup was that individuals were fixated on Ms. Honey bee being the solitary female host in late-night (or, at 10:30 p.m. Eastern, just about late-night) TV, the punch line was that she was happy to grasp the part and to be fearsome in it. There was no uptalking or bashful self-expostulation; she swaggered forward in the title succession, to the toil of "Young men Wanna Be Her" by Peaches. It was go time.

The 2016 presidential battle has yet to deliver an unmistakable parody voice, however Ms. Honey bee made an intense early case that it could be hers. She made that big appearance standing — no work area for her — and moved into an acidic, digital TV foulness bound set on the presidential battles. The most vital thing about the primary scene of a political satire show is to set a tone, and Ms. Honey bee's was red hot and savage — the corrosive conveyance, cut with a touch of Canadian syrup, she sharpened as a journalist on "The Daily Show." 

Samantha Bee’s Fierce, Fiery Feminism Anchors ‘Full Frontal’
Samantha Bee
There were a few punches at Democrats — Bernie Sanders was old, "Hermione Clinton" was aspiring — yet she spared her most keen agrees for the Republicans, whose latest level headed discussion, she said, "was a course of fall flat."

Donald J. Trump was "a strangely tinted aggregation of psychiatric side effects" and an "aware 'tops lock' catch." And Marco Rubio's affirmation that Hillary Clinton upheld premature birth until a pregnant lady's expected date was "the most moronic thing I've ever heard." Mr. Rubio, Ms. Honey bee kidded, was inferring that Mrs. Clinton needed to convey babies "specifically into a Vitamix so that Planned Parenthood can offer it to Whole Foods."

The political points in the principal "Full Frontal" may have been on any late-night appear. Yet, Ms. Honey bee's women's activist point of view appeared in the edges that she took — a reel of past race minutes included Barack Obama in a 2008 civil argument, telling Mrs. Clinton she was "sufficiently amiable" — and in the stories she highlighted, similar to a Kansas state congressperson who set up a clothing standard for ladies affirming before his council.

Would another late-night show have made these focuses? Indeed, perhaps, inevitably. On "Full Frontal," however, "in the long run" was presently.

Ms. Honey bee's first half-hour was quick paced and firmly stuffed. It astutely abstained from in-studio interviews, rather including a field fragment — this week, a Werner Herzog-like narrative on Jeb Bush's New Hampshire battle, styled as an existential disaster of boredom. (Asked "If Jeb were a beverage, what beverage would he be?" a supporter replied, "Milk.")

"Full Frontal" is TV's most recent response to the different decision question: Who, in the event that anybody, will be the following Jon Stewart? Ms. Honey bee is one of numerous "Every day Show" graduated class on the evening time circuit: Stephen Colbert on CBS, John Oliver on HBO, Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central. (Indeed, even Seth Meyers, with his "A Closer Look" work area fragments on NBC's "Late Night," is doing an adaptation of "Day by day Show" profound plunges into the news, by method for his old "Saturday Night Live" Weekend.

There’s another woman jumping into this fray. But if the first episode of “Full Frontal” is any indication, Samantha Bee won’t be feeling the pain, she’ll be bringing it.
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